2016 Fall TV Schedule: When New And Returning Network TV Shows Will Air image
The major networks have all decided which shows will be returning and which will be getting the cancellation axe. Unfortunately, this means we'll have to say goodbye to programs ranging from The Grinder to CSI: Cyber. However, it also means there are enough slots open that we'll be getting a slew of new TV shows next year. 
Jessica Rawden 2016-05-19
Once Upon A Time Is Getting Away From Disney Characters image
Once Upon a Time has long touted itself as a TV series about a slew of fairytale characters. However, heading into Season 6, the network is going to spin the series in a couple of different directions and show lead Lana Parilla recently revealed what one of those directions might be.
Jessica Rawden 2016-05-16
10 Great Family-Friendly Shows On Netflix image
Netflix has plenty of great shows to offer, but it can be rough to find series that work for the whole family. Luckily, there are some family-friendly gems in the massive Netflix library with something to offer for everybody. Here is a look at ten of the best for young and old to enjoy.
Laura Hurley 2016-04-27
Once Upon A Time Season 6 Renewal Ordered At ABC image
There are some shows that just don’t seem like they have the story to stick around, and the unlikely premise of Once Upon a Time felt like one that could wear out its charm sooner rather than later. But it's been around for five seasons, and another one is coming.
Laura Hurley 2016-03-03
A Dead Character Is Returning To Once Upon A Time image
Once Upon A Time has been off of the air for what has felt like forever, but the show is finally returning to the schedule in March and is promising some explosive action for fans. Including the return of a fan favorite.
Jessica Rawden 2016-02-23
Check Out Once Upon A Time's New Dorothy image
There may come a day when ABC’s fantasy drama Once Upon a Time runs out of Disney princesses and fairy tale characters to bring to the screen, but that day definitely isn’t here yet. Still, the show is bringing back Dorothy, only an older version.
Nick Venable 2015-12-19
Once Upon A Time Killed Off A Fan-Favorite, But It's Not What You Think image
The popular ABC drama has not slowed down during Season 5, and last night’s midseason finale saw the death of a fan-favorite character on the drama. But it’s not exactly what you might think. 
Jessica Rawden 2015-12-07
Once Upon A Time Creators Have A Crazy New Show, Get The Details image
The horror genre is alive and well on television these days, with shows like American Horror Story and Ash vs Evil Dead delivering all kinds of frights and gory sights. Get ready for another one from Once Upon a Time's creators.
Nick Venable 2015-11-19
Once Upon A Time Just Cast Two Major Disney Characters image
ABC's Once Upon a Time has proved itself to be a charming retelling of fairy tales perfect for the small screen. Although there have been hits and misses with the characters, it’s hard not to be excited about the latest casting announcements.
Laura Hurley 2015-11-17
Once Upon A Time Just Suffered A Huge Fall In The Ratings image
Once Upon a Time fans have been anticipating watching Jennifer Morrison’s Emma Swan take a turn to the dark side. But it appears that a large chunk of the audience wasn’t exactly willing to watch that transition as it happened live.
Nick Venable 2015-09-28
Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D., Scandal And A Ton Of Other Shows Renewed At ABC image
ABC is quite the busy network on this fine Thursday evening, gearing up for next week’s upfronts by giving their upcoming schedule a thorough spring cleaning. Thankfully, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Scandal and many more are coming back.
Nick Venable 2015-05-07
Once Upon A Time Just Killed Off A Key Character image
Major spoilers can be found in this news article if you haven’t seen the Sunday, April 19 episode of Once Upon A Time, cleverly titled “Sympathy for the De Vil.”
Jessica Rawden 2015-04-19
Once Upon A Time: Check Out Maleficent, Ursula And More In New Poster image
ABC is gearing up for the midseason return of Once Upon A Time, and what better way to celebrate the show than with a poster of some of the drama’s most egregious villains? After wrapping up the Frozen-oriented storyline this December, Once Upon A Time has villains on the brain.
Jessica Rawden 2015-01-29
Ursula Is Coming To Once Upon A Time, This Is Who Will Play Her image
Now that the Frozen characters have been on Once Upon a Time for a while, the hullabaloo surrounding their appearances has died down. Now, ABC is back to adding veteran—and dare I say more nefarious—characters from the Disney canon.
Jessica Rawden 2014-11-20
9 Popular Television Shows That Have Gone Off The Rails image
We’ve compiled a list of the current TV shows that we feel have officially jumped the track. They’ve been on too long or maybe their characters have started to make nonsensical decisions. Perhaps their writing staff has been cut due to budget restraints. Whatever the reason, these are the nine shows on TV that are officially off the rails.
Jessica Rawden 2014-11-13
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