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Outlander Episode 3 'The Way Out' Trailer Teases Drama And Accusations image
You know you're out of your time when someone says "I smell the vapors of hell on you," and someone else accuses you of being a witch. Claire Randall seems to be knee-deep in trouble and eager to get back to her own time period in the preview for Episode 3 of Outlander, titled "The Way Out".
Kelly West 2014-08-18
Outlander Gets Renewed For Season 2 After One Episode image
It looks like Starz isn't waiting to see how Episode 2 of Outlander does before deciding its fate. The premium cable network is known to give fairly early renewals of their original series and Outlander is no exception. Season 2 is officially a go!
Kelly West 2014-08-15
Outlander Trailers Tease Episode 2 And The Weeks Ahead  image
Claire Randall is in trouble. The same would be the case for just about anyone who found themselves thrown through time to 18th century Scotland. There are a lot of things that can go wrong in a time travel scenario, and Starz's Outlander has the opportunity to explore a lot of them. The above preview gives us a look at next Saturday's episode, "Castle Leoch."
Kelly West 2014-08-12
Outlander Premiere Episode Delivers Starz's Strongest Multiplatform Performance Ever image
The numbers are in and it looks like Outlander performed pretty well for Starz with its opening episode. The premium cable network has announced that the first episode of Ronald D. Moore's new series delivered the strongest multi platform performance for a new series in the history of Starz.
Kelly West 2014-08-11
5 Ways Outlander Is Like No Other Show On TV image
While fans of Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series have been waiting a long time for Ronald D. Moore's TV adaptation to air on Starz, those who haven't read the books may be wondering why they should tune in to catch this new series? We offered plenty of positivity in that respect in our review, but when it comes down to it, beyond being a good show, Outlander should be watched because it's not like anything else on TV.
Kelly West 2014-08-08
Watch Outlander's Full Premiere Episode Online Early Here image
As promised, Starz went ahead and put the first episode of their highly anticipated Outlander series online a week ahead of its official debut on the premium cable network. The first episode made its world premiere at Comic-Con in San Diego last week...
Kelly West 2014-08-03
Outlander Review: Adventure, Romance And Kilts Abound In Ronald D. Moore's New Drama image
Expectations for a new series are always a bit higher when the drama is an adaptation of a beloved novel. That applies to Starz's Outlander, a Scotland-set drama from Ronald D. Moore, based on the first book in a series of novels by Diana Gabaldon. Outlander excels both as an adaptation and an intriguing new drama.
Kelly West 2014-08-01
Outlander: 4 More Things To Know About Starz's New Series  image
In anticipation of the premiere of Starz's Outlander series, we had the opportunity to sit down with series creator Ronald D. Moore, author Diana Gabaldon and the cast to talk about what's ahead.
Kelly West 2014-07-31
Outlander's Tobias Menzies Reveals A Big Frank-related Change In The TV Series image
At Comic-Con last week, we had the opportunity to sit with the cast of Starz's upcoming Outlander series. When speaking to Tobias Menzies, he talked a bit about his character Frank Randall, and in the process, revealed something that should be of interest to fans of the book. To put it simply, expect a lot more Frank.
Kelly West 2014-07-30
Outlander's Diana Gabaldon On Setting World War II As Claire's Backstory  image
Why a World War II combat nurse? That was one of the questions on my mind as I sat down with Outlander author Diana Gabaldon during the press roundtables at Comic-Con last week.
Kelly West 2014-07-29
Outlander Makes Its World Premiere At Comic-Con With Kilts, Bagpipes And Fans image
There’s nothing quite like sitting in a room full of people who are all fans of the same thing. Comic-Con has no shortage of such rooms, and such was the case for Starz’s premiere of Outlander at the Spreckels Theatre in San Diego Friday night.
Kelly West 2014-07-26
Outlander Brought A Freaking Castle To Comic-Con image
Outlander has arrived at Comic-Con! The Starz series was showcased rather prominently on the show floor, and as you can see in the photos, it's a castle! The excellent display caught our attention and we stopped by to grab some photos.
Kelly West 2014-07-23
New Outlander Trailer Previews Bear McCeary's Thrilling Score image
Bear McCreary has confirmed that the adventurous and suspenseful drum-pounding music we're hearing behind the latest Outlander video is our first earful of the score for the Starz drama.
Kelly West 2014-07-20
Outlander Releases New Photos, A Featurette And Plans For An Early Preview Of Episode 1 image
Starz offered up some excellent goodies for Outlander fans today. In addition to confirmation that they’ll be sharing the first episode of Ronald D. Moore’s series online a week ahead of the official television premiere, they’ve also released some great stills.
Kelly West 2014-07-11
Outlander Episode 1 Titled 'Sassenach,' First 4 Episodes Set On Starz's August Schedule image
July has arrived, which means we're a little over a month from the premiere of Ronald D. Moore's Outlander series on Starz! The cable network released their August schedule today and on it includes the first four episodes of the TV adaptation of Diana Gabaldon's popular novel. The first episode of Outlander will be titled "Sassenach"!
Kelly West 2014-07-01
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