Star Trek TV Series Probably Won't Happen Anytime Soon image
With J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot all over TV these days — including the recently premiered Fox cop drama Almost Human — added to his involvement in the Star Trek franchise, it’s a wonder we haven’t heard word that there might be a Star Trek revival headed to the small screen in some form or another. Abrams spoke briefly about that recently, and it sounds like CBS is currently responsible for the fate of the Star Trek TV franchise, and they aren’t currently interested in doing anything with the property.
Kelly West 2013-11-19
Watch Badger Pitch A Gory Star Trek Script During Breaking Bad's 'Blood Money' image
Last night's episode of Breaking Bad wasn't all about revelations and throw downs. Oh, there was plenty of that, and if you haven't seen the Season 5.5 premiere, "Blood Money," yet, I'd advise skipping this text as it does contain some vague plot references. But go ahead and enjoy the video above, as it gives very little away beyond Jesse's blank stare, which you can chalk up to too many bong hits if you want.
Kelly West 2013-08-12
Hulu Offers Every Star Trek Series For Free Through March 31st image
Star Trek fans, drop everything, call in sick, and grab the snacks. It’s time for a marathon. In honor of William Shatner’s 82nd birthday last week, Hulu has decided to make every last episode of all of the Star Trek series available free through the end of March, even if you don’t have Plus.
Leslie Kasperowicz 2013-03-26
Star Trek's Red Shirts Weren't Originally That Bad Off After All image
Even people who have barely heard of Star Trek probably know about the Red Shirts. They were the expendable crew members of the Enterprise, the non-regular cast members identifiable by he color of their uniforms who could be killed off on various away missions without causing any kind of hysteria.
Eric Eisenberg 2013-02-22
Retro Posters Celebrate Star Trek: The Original Series' 46th Anniversary image
Forty-six years ago on September 8, 1966 the first episode of a science fiction show called Star Trek aired on NBC. Low ratings meant the series struggled to stay on the air, but after it’s cancellation it would go on to become one of the biggest pop culture sensations of all time.
Josh Tyler 2012-09-07
Star Trek: TNG Ep Measure Of A Man May Get Extended Cut On Blu-Ray  image
This is not an official confirmation, just a hint that the extended footage may be included. The fact that it's being looked at is definitely promising, but until CBS/Paramount actually announces it, this will just have to remain something worth crossing your fingers. If an extended cut of "Measure of a Man" does make it onto Blu-ray, could that open the door to extended versions of other episodes on future sets?
David Wharton 2012-06-28
Star Trek: The Next Generation's First Season Coming To Blu-ray This July image
The box art is as snazzy as you'd expect, even if it is graced with the tragedy that is Beardless Riker. All of the episodes have been remastered in high-def, with 7.1 DTS HD Master Audio and upgraded special effects, similar to what they did to the Original Series a few years back. The set will also include an array of bonus features, including behind-the-scenes footage, featurettes, bloopers, and interviews.
David Wharton 2012-04-30
Doctor Who/Star Trek: The Next Generation Crossover Coming In Comic Form image
The Eleventh Doctor (that's the current, Matt Smith version) and his companions, Amy and Rory, will steer the TARDIS into the TNG universe in a crossover comic book series to be published by IDW this May. No plot details have leaked yet, but The Doctor and company are expected to encounter all the major TNG players: Captain Picard, Riker, Data, Geordi, Worf, etc.
David Wharton 2012-02-10
Nichelle Nichols Once Read For The Role Of Spock image
The cast of the original Star Trek series is the very definition of iconic. The cast may have suffered from type-casting, and few had particularly stellar post-Trek careers, but even most people who don't know the show can recognize the actors on sight, even if they can't name them. However, according to a new tidbit of info from Trek actress Nichelle Nichols, the crew of the Enterprise might have looked a little different if she'd won the role she initially read for...Spock.
David Wharton 2011-12-28
Star Trek Voyager's Best Episode: Equinox image
“Equinox” parts 1 and 2 are brilliantly directed by David Livingston who treats it as though he’s in the middle of an epic feature film, instead of a franchise television show of often questionable merits. It isn’t just Voyager’s best episode, it’s one of the show’s most haunting adventures, a brief glimpse into what Voyager might have been, if they’d always been this willing to take it to the edge.
Josh Tyler 2011-12-12
Star Trek: The Next Generation Blu-Ray Trailer Is Purty image
CBS Home Entertainment has released a new trailer for Star Trek: The Next Generation -- The Next Level, giving us a look at side-by-side comparisons of the old Next Gen footage versus the upgraded versions. It's pretty damn impressive.
David Wharton 2011-11-14
Seth MacFarlane Wants To Tackle New Star Trek Series image
Having forged an empire out of Family Guy, the show that wouldn't die, Seth MacFarlane has gone on to put the "domination" in Fox's Sunday night Animation Domination line-up. This is the guy with the stones and the pull to reboot The Flintstones. Like him or not, at this point, Seth MacFarlane can do pretty much whatever the hell he wants to. And now he wants to get Star Trek back on the air.
David Wharton 2011-10-13
Star Trek: The Next Generation Confirmed For Blu-Ray In 2012 image
Star Trek: The Next Generation will be celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2012, but the fans are the ones who will be receiving a gift. As has been heavily rumored for months now, Star Trek: The Next Generation will indeed be coming to Blu-ray in 2012, and it will be arriving in style. Fans will be able to get their hands on a four-episode sampler disc entitled Star Trek: The Next Generation – The Next Level on January 31st, 2012.
David Wharton 2011-09-29
Star Trek Next Generation Blu-Ray Sampler Disc Will Include Four Episodes image
A few months ago we reported on the rumor that Star Trek: The Next Generation was being prepared and polished for a Blu-ray release. Today it seems that rumor is being confirmed on multiple fronts, and we've even got some details on the very first Blu-ray Next Gen episodes we'll get to see.
David Wharton 2011-09-08
Could The Next Star Trek TV Series Already Be Mapped Out? image
The alternate timeline of Abrams's Star Trek means that it's operating on its own canon now, but Foster's idea for a TV show would fit in with everything that's happened on the Trek TV shows that came before it, taking place a time after the events of Star Trek: Voyager
Katey Rich 2011-08-25
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