The Bizarre Way Donal Logue Dealt With Terriers Getting Canceled image
Donal Logue is crushing as Detective Harvey Bullock on Gotham, but despite the actorís success on the new TV series, people still arenít over the fact that his crime dramedy, Terriers, was canceled by FX after one short season. Logue recently spoke out to say he had a bizarre way of coping with the cancellation back in 2010.
Jessica Rawden 2014-11-14
Five Ways A TV Title Can Fail image
TV show titles tend to range from brilliant, clever and witty to clunky, vague, awkward and in some cases, just plain misleading. Some titles overcome their initial problems, while others go down in history as being among the more memorably bad series names. Rather than listing off our favorite terrible TV titles, we found ourselves breaking down the title problems by category.
CB Staff 2012-11-15
FX's Terriers Now Available On Netflix Instant Watch image
Every once in a while, in between covering reality TV and stories about yet another ill-conceived remake, I get to write up a post that puts a big stupid grin on my face. This is one of those occasions. Netflix has added the brilliant, tragically short-lived, and unforgivably underwatched series Terriers to their Instant Watch catalogue. You need to add it to your queue, like, right freaking now.
David Wharton 2011-12-01
The Shield's Shawn Ryan Signs Pilot Deal With ABC For Last Resort image
When it comes to TV shows, Shawn Ryanís typically known for procedurals with a hint of serialization. Shows like The Shield, Terriers and Lie To Me are a fair blend of both. From the description of his latest TV venture, Ryan is thinking much further outside the box.
Kelly West 2011-08-22
Wilfred Brings In Big Numbers On FX, Louie Premiere Ratings Up From Season 1 image
To say the ratings were good for Wilfredís debut on FX this week would be an understatement. Factoring in the encore telecast, the dog-themed comedy series based on a popular Australian show managed to score the networkís highest ever premiere ratings for a comedy series. Louieís ratings were nothing to shake a stick at either.
Kelly West 2011-06-25
TCA Nominations Announced: Game Of Thrones, Justified And FX's Terriers Make The List image
The Television Critics Association (TCA) announced the nominations for the 2011 TCA Awards. Among the series to receive multiple nominations are Game of Thrones, NBCís Parks and Recreation and Community, and FXís Justified.
Kelly West 2011-06-13
It's Lights Out For Lights Out: FX Cancels Boxing Drama  image
This feels familiar. FX airs a series thatís different, a little bit dark but filled with interesting characters and a story with loads of potential. The critics like it, as do the viewers but the ratings donít reflect the quality or potential of the series and it inevitably gets cancelled. It happened before with Terriers and unfortunately, Lights Out is singing the same tune.
Kelly West 2011-03-24
The Chicago Code Preview: Cabrini-Green image
According to a tweet posted yesterday by series creator Shawn Ryan, tonightís episode of The Chicago Code has been written by Tim Minear and Jon Worley, both of whom wrote for Ryanís last series, the unfortunately short-lived FX drama Terriers. They'll be answering questions via Twiter tonight! More on that, as well as details and some video clips from the episode ahead!
Kelly West 2011-02-28
Biggest TV Disappointments Of 2010 image
TV delivered on many levels this year but that doesnít mean there werenít disappointments. In fact, we came up with a whole list of them.
Mack Rawden, Josh Tyler, Kelly West, Steve West 2010-12-31
Favorite Male TV Characters Of 2010 image
Whether they were saving the day, solving or fighting crime, making us laugh, making us gasp or delivering one great moment after another, 2010 had no shortage of great male characters.
TV Blend Staff 2010-12-16
FX Cancels Terriers image
We were only one of many websites and bloggers begging our readers to watch the show, which starred Donal Logue and Michael Raymond-James as private detectives
Katey Rich 2010-12-06
Terriers Season 1 Finale Preview: Hail Mary image
While some of us anxiously await the word on Terriersí future at FX, there is still one episode left for the first season and we have a promo as well as a clip to share with you.
Kelly West 2010-11-30
Save Terriers: The FX Show, Not The Dogs image
Terriers is about to wrap up for the season, after which at some point FX will make their decision as to whether or not to pick the series up for a second season. Iím here to ask (beg) FX to give Terriers a do-over
Kelly West 2010-11-28
Terriers Preview: Sins Of The Past image
This week on Terriers, an old wound will be ripped wide open for Hank. Read on for more details on Terriers' "Sins of the Past," which was written by Tim Minear.
Kelly West 2010-11-16
Terriers Preview: Asunder image
Terriers has been consistently awesome all season and tomorrow nightís episode is no exception. We have some clips and a trailer for the episode to share with you!
Kelly West 2010-11-09
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