The Bachelorette Is Adding A Major Twist For Next Season image
ABCís Bachelorette and Bachelor franchises have kept things interesting over the years, but next season the long-running reality competition series is throwing a big twist into the mix.
Jessica Rawden 2015-03-10
The Bachelor Clip Is Heavy On The Melodrama Because Of Course image
Well, folks, now that it is officially Juan-uary (formally known as January to the rest of you) and so ABCís emotional trainwreck of a competition series, The Bachelor has geared up for the promotional blitz ahead of its Sunday, JUANUARY 6th premiere date. (OK, weíll stop doing that now). Seems as though the Juan Pablo Galavis-fronted season of the soapy fauxmance porn has found its first victim of TV Crazy, and her name is Lauren H.
Alicia Lutes 2014-01-02
Mistresses, Wipeout, Motive And Others Get Summer 2013 Premiere Dates At ABC image
Just yesterday, ABC revealed the dates of their season finales, which begin trickling in starting next week. Most of the network's currently airing programs wrap up in May, which is also when ABC will begin rolling out its summer slate, starting with the return of Wipeout. The network announced their summer schedule today. The list includes the return of The Bachelorette, Rookie Blue and Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition, as well as the series debuts of Mistresses, Motive and What Would You Do?.
Kelly West 2013-03-21
The Bachelorette Season 8 Finale Watch: All Sales Final image
It's over! A trip around the world and a garden full of roses later, "the most dramatic television event of the summer" came and went. And with pretty much zero drama. Thanks for the empty promises, Chris Harrison. The Bachelorette season 8 finale was a fitting end to a disconcertingly normal season filled with mild manored sentiments and sensible suitors. Emily picked her man, and if After the Final Rose is indeed the final chapter, they lived happily ever after.
Eve Penzer 2012-07-22
Jef Or Arie: Who Will Win The Bachelorette Season 7? image
Sunday marks the season finale of the 8th installment of The Bachelorette, followed by the hotly anticipated After the Final Rose Ceremony. And by hotly anticipated, I mean tepidly awaited for, because this is quite possibly the most even-keeled season of this wack-a-doo show ever. So who will win? Who will get that final rose?
Eve Penzer 2012-07-19
The Bachelorette Season 8 Watch: Episode 9 - Three's a Crowd image
Only three are left in the race for Emily's heart, and Curacao plays host for the rest of the season. Emily's in a thinkin' mood, as she takes us on a nice long walk down memory lane with an endless retelling of Arie, Jef and Sean's time on the show. She feels strongly about all of the guys, so it's going to be a hard week. We're ten minutes in and we still haven't seen a single shot of new content other than Emily pondering things on the beach. This show really needs to be like a half hour long.
Eve Penzer 2012-07-10
The Bachelorette Season 8 Watch: Episode 8 -  'Sup, Homie-Towns? image
This week's episode was a pretty vanilla answer to hometown dates. The remaining guys are all... fine. Some of them are actually pretty good. There are no villains left, nobody whose lack of intellect is mind boggling. (Keep in mind here that we're comparing apples to apples. Or Bachelorette contestants to Bachelorette contestants.)
Eve Penzer 2012-07-02
The Bachelorette Season 8 Watch: Episode 7 - Czech, Please image
Emily's in Prague and the sun is shining. The city is filled with many lovely sights, and she feels like she's back in the olden days. You know, those days when women dated 20 men at a time whilst their child sat innocently at home.
Eve Penzer 2012-06-25
The Bachelorette Season 8 Watch: Episode 6 - Brave image
Emily's in Dubrovnik, Croatia, while Ricki is back in Charlotte, blissfully unaware of the down and dirty dealings her momma is engaging in on the Adriatic shores. This week, Emily either feels really strongly towards her remaining suitors or has "no clue" as to how she feels about them. So for clarification, men in skirts and an extended advertisement for Pixar's next movie are in order.
Eve Penzer 2012-06-19
The Bachelorette Watch: Season 8 - Episode 5 image
Emily is excited to be in London because it's old. Not old in that we've seen this city on the Bachelor/Bachelorette before, but old like in years. She walks Ricki around and shows her all of the places Mommy will be making out with strange men over the course of the week. Ricki loves it.
Eve Penzer 2012-06-12
Ashley Hebert Is The Bachelorette In Season 7 Of The ABC Series image
Ashley Hebert may not have found true love when she competed for the affections of Brad Womack on The Bachelor, but apparently she hasnít given up (on finding love on a dating competition series). ABC announced today that Hebert will be the seventh Bachelorette when the series resumes this May.
Kelly West 2011-03-15
The Bachelor And Bachelorette Renewed For Another Cycle image
After plenty of speculation on its future, ABC has decided to continue with its long running Bachelor and Bachelorette series, much to the delight of select members of the female population
Mack Rawden 2011-03-14
Bachelor Pad Preview: New Bachelor Spin-Off image
If youíre a fan of The Bachelor/Bachelorette and you were thinking your Monday nights would be free after this week, think again as thereís another spinoff headed to ABC. Details and clips from Bachelor Pad ahead!
Kelly West 2010-08-01
The Bachelorette Preview: Season 6 Finale image
Itís all coming to an end as Ali will make her decision tomorrow night when the sixth season of The Bachelorette concludes. We have some information on the episode, including a couple of clips for you to check out.
Kelly West 2010-08-01
High Times In Maui On This Week's Bachelorette image
With just three bachelors left to try to win Jillianís heart, things are about to get even riskier as the three guys and the bachelorette head off to Maui, Hawaii to engage in the usual rituals of extreme dating. Nothing like a little trapeze activity or a helicopter ride to get the romance brewing, huh? Videos ahead!
Kelly West 2009-07-10
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