Tracy Morgan's FXX Comedy Will Be Waiting For Him When He's Ready image
As comedian Tracy Morgan lies in the hospital recovering following his limo bus accident over the weekend, he definitely has a lot on his plate to worry about. The most important thing is getting better, obviously, but when he pulls through, his previously announced FXX series will “waiting for him,” the network said in a statement.
Nick Venable 2014-06-11
Tracy Morgan To Star In Death Pact Comedy For FX image
Tracy Morgan may have found his next small screen starring role. The actor and comedian is set to star in a comedy pilot for FX called Death Pact, which comes from Rob Long and Tad Safran. He'll play a pot-dealing assistant high school coach, which not only sounds like a fun role for Morgan, but also a fitting character for FX, when we consider the humor featured in shows like It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Wilfred.
Kelly West 2013-05-31
Eddie Murphy: One Night Only Clips Feature Tracy Morgan And Stevie Wonder image
Eddie Murphy: One Night Only is a tribute special that will feature a slew of celebrities taking a look back at Murphy’s career, which spans stand-up appearances, Saturday Night Live, and a slew of film roles. The special airs Wednesday, November 14, and to celebrate Spike TV has a couple of clips to share with fans, from Tracy Morgan to Stevie Wonder and Eddie Murphy himself.
Jessica Rawden 2012-11-12
Tracy Morgan Calls Sarah Palin A MILF image
Obviously, the comment was met with confused and nervous reactions. I don’t know if his live television antics are better for viewers or worse for nervous network executives. Either way, I’ll take them
Mack Rawden 2011-01-30
TNT Issues Apology After Tracy Morgan Calls Sarah Palin Masturbation Material image
Even though the comment elicited plenty of laughter from Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith, you could tell by the look on Ernie Johnson’s face that we were headed for some serious next day backpedaling.
Mack Rawden 2011-01-28
Tracy Morgan Comedy Special To Air On HBO In November image
Tracy Morgan’s about to have his very first HBO Stand-Up comedy special. HBO made the announcement today, stating that the 30 Rock’s stars stand-up act will air next month.
Kelly West 2010-10-26
Live Episode Of 30 Rock Coming In October image
How will the cutaways work? Can Tracy Morgan keep down the profanity on live TV? How will they be able to keep all the guest stars from clawing out each others' eyes as they wait in the wings? So many questions to be asked
Katey Rich 2010-07-30
30 Rock Video Clip: Stone Mountain image
Betty White and Jeff Dunham on 30 Rock! Sorry, I just can't bring myself to get nearly as excited about that second one. I know he's incredibly popular and breaking records on Comedy Central, but come on?! He's no Betty White!
Jason J. Hughes 2009-10-27
Tracy Morgan Is Twittering image
The internet spoke, and apparently Tracy listened…or else he was badgered by publicists or co-stars into relenting. Yes, Tracy Morgan is twittering. Tweeting? Twitterizing? Whatever
David Wharton 2009-10-08
Tracy Morgan Raps As Scoopy Giles image
Anyone who watches 30 Rock knows that Tracy Morgan is almost as multi-talented as his fictional alter-ego Tracy Jordan. Little did we suspect, however, that Morgan has also been hiding yet another identity: that of rapper Scoopy Giles
David Wharton 2009-09-29
Tracy Morgan's Return To SNL - Videos image
Tracy Morgan came to Saturday Night Live a puppy and left a man. Last night he went back to host an episode and we’ve got video clips, including a funny Scared Straight sketch that includes the phrase “Penis Noir,” Tracy’s return to his old bit as Brian Fellows and the “Party Guys” digital short. also posted Kelly Clarkson’s two musical performances.
Kelly West 2009-03-15
2008 Summer TV Preview: Scare Tactics image
Ok, initially the premise of this show sounded cruel to me. I haven’t seen any of the previous episodes but the idea of setting out to genuinely scare someone just seems kind of mean. Then again, I assume the friends and loved ones who are responsible for volunteering the victim probably wouldn’t do it if they didn’t think the person would have a sense of humor about it, right?
Kelly West 2008-07-06
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