Parks & Recreation Renewed, Whitney And 1600 Penn Canceled At NBC image
First the good news, for fans of waffles, Ron Swanson's mustache, public service and Paunch Burger. NBC renewed Parks & Recreation! Please head down to the Snakehole Lounge and celebrate accordingly. Now the bad news-- NBC has pulled the plug on several other series
Katey Rich 2013-05-09
Up All Night's Proposed Changes Include A Bizarre Portal Twist And A Show About A Show image
The situation for NBC's Up All Night has never been especially great. In fact, when you review the history of the series and the changes it's undergone since before it even premiered, the state of what's left of the comedy, which has not technically been cancelled yet, is a bit easier to understand. Some shows have the plug pulled much too soon, however in the case of Up All Night, if and when the show is officially shut down, it can't really be argued that enough effort wasn't made to save this series.
Kelly West 2013-03-06
Up All Night Will Film One Multi-Camera Episode, James Burrows To Direct image
The latest update on the fate of Up All Night is that the show will go on, kind of. The worst of the recent bad news for the comedy came when we learned that series star Christina Applegate was leaving the show. At that point, there were rumors that she would be replaced on the series, or else, that the NBC comedy was going to be cancelled, rather than switching from its single-camera format to a multi-camera format for the planned five remaining episodes of the second season.
Kelly West 2013-02-12
Christina Applegate Is Leaving Up All Night image
Things are looking really bleak for NBC's Up All Night. That in itself isn't exactly huge news. Last fall we learned that NBC was switching the single-camera comedy to a multi-camera comedy for the remaining episodes of its second season. And about a month ago, it was reported that series creator Emily Spivey was exiting the series. Now comes word that star Christina Applegate is departing the show as well, which could mean the end of the comedy, though they're reportedly looking to replace her.
Kelly West 2013-02-08
Our TV Wishlist For 2013 image
It's that time of year again! The big guy's making a list and checking it twice, so we thought we'd take the opportunity to share our own personal TV-related wishlist in anticipation of the coming new year. Between new and returning shows, not to mention a couple of series drawing to a close, there's so much potential for great television in the new year and we're especially hopeful that our holiday dreams come true this year.
CB Staff 2012-12-12
Up All Night Gets A New Showrunner Ahead Of Its Switch To Multi-Camera Format  image
NBC comedy series Up All Night has already experienced a showrunner change in the series' relatively young existence, so news that it's receiving another one seems far less surprising by comparison to word that the single-camera comedy is shifting to a multi-camera format. The latter piece of news broke earlier this fall and today comes word that Linda Wallem stepping in to run the series.
Kelly West 2012-12-06
Up All Night Switching To Multi-Camera Format image
In a highly unusual move, NBC has decided to make a big change on the comedy Up All Night. The series, which currently films in a single-camera format, will return after a winter hiatus having been converted to a multi-camera format. Producers are hoping the change will give the show more energy – and no doubt better ratings as well.
Leslie Kasperowicz 2012-10-29
SNL Reunion As Rachel Dratch Schedules Role On Up All Night image
The second season of Up All Night will see an old Saturday Night Live comedy team reunited. Rachel Dratch has signed on to appear in a guest role on the show, where she will once again share the screen with Maya Rudolph, with whom she once worked on the SNL stage.
Leslie Kasperowicz 2012-08-14
Parks & Recreation And Up All Night Renewed By NBC image
After hesitating just long enough to make a lot of fans nervous, NBC has finally made commitments for another season of two of its hit comedies, Parks & Recreation and Up All Night. Like network siblings Community and 30 Rock, they've only gotten orders for 13 episodes
Katey Rich 2012-05-11
30 Rock Likely To Return For One More Season, Updates On Community, Whitney, Parks And Rec image
As we hear the good news released for some new TV comedies headed to NBC, we're left to wonder what will become of the currently airing shows. Will they be back next fall, or left off the line-up come next week when NBC unveils their full 2012-2013 programming. There are some vague updates on some NBC comedies, most of which sound fairly optimistic.
Kelly West 2012-05-08
Save This Show: Why Up All Night Needs To Stay On NBC's Thursday Night Lineup image
Within the boundaries of the 30-minute comedy, and well within the world of what we expect from our modern sitcoms, Up All Night is doing something special, telling the story of a couple we feel we know, in a stage of life that's all too rarely seen on TV. It's glossy and jokey and polished in a way most new sitcoms aren't, but Up All Night is the kind of throwback that also feels consistently, wonderfully new
Katey Rich 2012-04-25
Save These Shows: 5 Struggling Series That Shouldn't Be Cancelled image
Here at Cinema Blend, some of our writers consume quite a bit of TV every week. So, we asked them, if you could save one single program in danger of being cut, which one would it be? Not surprisingly, we received five very passionate and very different answers. This week, we’re going to allow each one to present his or her case to the network heads and to their fellow fans as to why it would be an absolute travesty if their choice was given its walking papers. Below, you’ll find a short preview of what to expect.
CB Staff 2012-04-23
NBC's Brotherhood Of Man: Casts Of 30 Rock, Community, The Office And Others Come Together In Song image
NBC’s making the most of the Super Bowl this year. Not only are they set to use the big game as a lead-in to the second season premiere of The Voice, and have aired numerous ads for tomorrow night’s series premiere of Smash, but they also used the event to bring their talent together for an excellent musical number.
Kelly West 2012-02-05
NBC Offering Up All Night, Whitney And Grimm Online For Free During The Holidays image
There’s hope on the horizon for anyone who wasted weeks trying to get into Fox’s Terra Nova when they could have been investing time in to NBC’s The Sing Off. Starting today, NBC is offering every already aired episodes of its new programs Up All Night, about a couple learning to live with a new baby, Whitney, about a witty gal and her relationships, and Grimm, a genre-blending fairytale and crime program set in the modern day
Jessica Grabert 2011-12-19
Up All Night Preview: Episode 11 - First Christmas image
Blythe Danner and Jason Lee guest star in tonight’s episode of Up All Night, which will have Reagan and Chris celebrating their first Christmas as parents. We have some videos and a few details about what’s ahead!
Kelly West 2011-12-07
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