Patton Oswalt Name Drops More Than 40 Shows During Rant About How Great TV Is Right Now image
Patton Oswalt recently went on an epic Twitter rant to express his appreciation for what Television has to offer, dropping more than a few titles in the process.
Kelly West 2015-03-03
When Game Of Thrones Season 5 Will Premiere image
Great news for fans of Game of Thrones dropped this afternoon in the form of a premiere date. I think I speak for everyone when I say, “finally.” Catch the dates for the fantasy drama, as well as comedies Veep and Silicon Valley here.
Jessica Rawden 2015-01-08
The 10 Most Explicit Shows Of 2014 image
While some people obviously have severe problems with nudity and violence on television, I revel in that kind of stuff. But it was still no easy task to put together the 10 most explicit TV series of 2014, because some of these shows’ filters seem to either be absent or clogged with hair and viscera. What a year, though.
Nick Venable 2014-12-30
HBO Drops New Game Of Thrones Footage In Epic Promo Video image
We’re headed into a brand new year, and to celebrate, HBO has put out its yearly New Year video, which looks back at 2014 before heading into footage of 2015’s new and returning shows. Which means in the video we definitely get a look at Season 5 of Game of Thrones.
Jessica Rawden 2014-12-21
The Top 10 TV Shows Of 2014, According To Nick image
Whether you needed a good laugh, a good cry, a good scare or a good reminder that your relationships will probably never be as hectic as Hannah and Adam’s, then 2014 TV was here to deliver it for you. Here are Nick’s choices for the best shows of 2014.
Nick Venable 2014-12-15
2015 SAG Awards: See The Full List Of TV Nominees Here image
The Screen Actors Guild just unleashed its nominees for 2014, and as it usually is with television, most of the nominees are pretty much what you would expect. Game Of Thrones, House Of Cards and Modern Family all cleaned up on nominations.
Mack Rawden 2014-12-10
Hugh Laurie Is Heading To The Funniest Comedy On TV image
Hugh Laurie kicked his career off by starring in some of the greatest comedy series of all time, with Black Adder, Jeeves and Wooster and A Bit of Fry and Laurie. After many years of toning the chuckles down for the hit drama House M.D., Laurie is headed back to the land of sharp wits.
Nick Venable 2014-11-19
One Of Veep's Funniest Characters Is Going To Be On A Whole Lot More image
HBO’s Veep is known for its twisted sense of humor, its great ensemble cast and its willingness to look at political compromises in a witty and cynical manner. Now, HBO has plans in the works to amp up one of these qualities for Season 4, adding to its great ensemble cast by signing on a former guest actor for a series regular role
Jessica Rawden 2014-09-17
Veep Season Finale: The 30 Wittiest And Filthiest Lines image
Tonight, Veep ended its absolutely top-notch third season with a double episode extravaganza that dared to potentially redefine everything we have come to know about this show. For tonight, Vice President Selina Meyers (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) actually became the President of the United States…sort of. And we’re celebrating the nation's first FPOTUS by bringing you the 30 funniest and Veepiest lines from tonight’s episodes.
Nick Venable 2014-06-09
Veep And Newbie Silicon Valley Renewed By HBO image
Fans of the mastermind comedian behind Idiocracy and Office Space can breathe a sigh of relief, however. On Monday, HBO announced that Silicon Valley will be getting a much-desired Season 2. Additionally, Veep will return for a fourth season.
Jessica Rawden 2014-04-21
Veep Season 3 Trailer: Operation Lady POTUS Is Go image
The hilariously delightful and putdown-a-plenty-palooza that is HBO’s Veep is inching ever-closer to its third season premiere. After the end of last season showing the POTUS on the outskis,the latest trailer shows Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Vice President, Selina Meyer, considering a presidential run. Talk about a game-changer, eh?
Alicia Lutes 2014-03-17
Game Of Thrones Season 4, Veep, Silicon Valley And Other HBO Premiere Dates Set image
At last, Game of Thrones fans now have an official return date to set on their calendars or apps or whatever the kids are using these days to mark dates. HBO announced today that Season 4 of the fantasy drama will debut Sunday, April 6. Winter is coming about a week later than it did for Season 3, but not such a huge delay that we need to complain, right? HBO also announced premiere dates for Veep, Vice and the debut of their new series Silicon Valley.
Kelly West 2014-01-09
Top 5 TV Shows of 2013: Alicia's List image
2013 has been a great year for television — perhaps one of its strongest in recent memory — so narrowing down a list of favorites was no small feat. Luckily for us, TVBlend is home to numerous writers with a myriad of tastes, which is why we decided to go solo this year in picking and sharing our Top 5 lists of the best series of 2013. Up next here is Assistant TV Editor Alicia Lutes, with a list that starts off with Mad Men at number five.
Alicia Lutes 2013-12-26
15+ Premium Cable TV Offerings For Holiday Binge-Watching image
There are way too many good TV shows available to us today. We live in a world of modern riches; an over-abundance of goodness so vibrant it’s terribly easy to miss the good stuff. There’s just so much TV to watch, you see! Especially when you take into consideration television's biggest innovator: the premium network. For-pay stars like HBO, Showtime, and even Cinemax have pushed the medium where it’s never gone before, and paved the way for the likes of AMC and others today.
Alicia Lutes 2013-12-13
AFI Awards Honor Breaking Bad, Masters of Sex, Veep, And More As Best Of 2013 image
The American Film Institute’s official selections for the 2013 AFI Awards have been announced, and the television selection proves that 2013 was a truly stellar year for the small screen. The list, which includes 10 of the year’s most outstanding television series as well as 10 equally-as-impressive movies, was selected by a panel of highly impressive judges.
Alicia Lutes 2013-12-10
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