Battlestar Galactica Gets A New Spin-off: Blood And Chrome Will Follow Young Adama

By Josh Tyler 2010-10-22 13:20:37 discussion comments
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Never has the excitement for any geek franchise faded as fast as it has for Battlestar Galactica. When Star Trek went off the air audiences hungered for more, and even though they had to wait years to get it, they tuned in to Star Trek: The Next Generation in droves when it finally showed up. But Battlestar Galactica, perhaps because it’s ending was such a letdown for so many people, has all but vanished from the universe’s cultural consciousness. There’s a spin-off show on Syfy right now called Caprica, and apparently someone watches it, but even the most hardcore BSG fans I know don’t pay any attention to it. Was the show’s finale that disastrous or is Caprica just that bad? We’ll find out when the next BSG spin-off launches. It’s called Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome.

TV Squad says the Syfy Channel originally commissioned the show as an online series, following the adventures of Galactica commander William Adama as a young man. But word is that the network liked the Michael Taylor written script for the project so much they’re turning it into a full blown, 2-hour, network pilot, which they’ll air, and then possibly turn into a series if it does well.

The show’s still a long way off, it’s expected to air in late 2011 at the earliest, but for anyone bummed out by all the things Caprica doesn’t offer this may be the answer. Unlike Caprica, which seems more like a soap opera about lawyers than anything even remotely related to Battlestar Galactica, Blood & Chrome will actually take place in space. The Galatica herself will appear, using high-resolution scans made of the set before it was torn down. They’ll use them for digital sets which, ok let’s face it, don’t look as good as real sets even though they’re a lot cheaper.

The series will take place shortly after the first launch of the Galactica and will follow Adama as a newly minted Viper pilot, callsign Husker, sent on a series of difficult missions. And unlike Caprica it’ll be an action-adventure series which mixes in relationships and humanity. No sitting around and talking about the state of modern colonial society. Battlestar Galactica vets David Eick and Taylor will executive producer and Bradley Thompson and David Weddle are producers on the show. BSG mastermind Ron Moore, unfortunately, isn’t involved. He’s pretty done with the Galactica universe. They may get BSG composer Bear McCreary involved because, well, it’s hard to imagine the BSG universe without him.

It’s still early days on Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome so expect a lot more information as they start casting and planning in the months to follow.
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