Jane Kaczmarek Is Headed To The Middle In Season 4

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Jane Kaczmarek Is Headed To The Middle In Season 4 image
The Middle will be receiving a visit from one of TVís all-time toughest moms. Malcolm in the Middle matriarch Jane Kaczmarek is set to face off with Patricia Heaton in a guest role on the upcoming fourth season of ABCís comedy.

According to THR, Jane Kaczmarek will appear as a teacher at Frankieís (Patricia Heatonís) career college, where the two will butt heads. Both actresses have played TV moms Iíd personally be afraid to cross, so seeing them go up against each other should be amusing, to say the least. It looks like a single-episode gig for Kaczmarek, who has been doing a number of guest appearances on comedies lately.

Kaczmarek is a seven-time Emmy nominee for her role on Malcolm - and frankly itís a crime that she never took home the statue Ė so itís no surprise sheís in demand. Most recently she did an arc on Whitney and last year, she also appeared on Wilfred. Since Malcolm came to an end the actress has tried her hand at drama in Raising the Bar, which only aired for a couple of seasons. Sheís an actress I would like to see return in a regular comedy role, but for now weíll have to accept guest spots. So far there are no details on when we can expect to see Kaczmarekís episode, but The Middle should be getting into gear, soon.

The Middle is set to premiere its fourth season tonight at 8 p.m. ET. The hour-long episode premiere should be a special treat for fans of the normally half-hour comedy. Next week, the show will go back to its regular half-hour format as a lead-in for ABCís new comedy The Neighbors.
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