Malibu Country And Last Man Standing Can't Maintain Friday Ratings

By Jessica Rawden 4 years ago discussion comments
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Malibu Country And Last Man Standing Can't Maintain Friday Ratings image
Just a few weeks ago, ABC premiered a Friday evening block that seemed like it could be a magical formula for the network. The block, which features the Tim Allen-led comedy Last Man Standing and the Reba McEntire-led comedy Malibu Country may have premiered strongly, but those numbers have been dropping in subsequent weeks.

Last night, Last Man Standing dropped a little again in the ratings, pulling in 7.1 million viewers and a 1.4 rating in the 18-49 demographic. While those numbers are down a little, itís not exactly a disaster for the sitcom, which premiered at 7.8 million total viewers. As long as the numbers don't continue to drop, Last Man Standing is faring pretty well. However, Malibu Country hasnít been competing nearly as well since its premiere.

Granted, the latter sitcom had a lot more room to fall. Premieres typically fare better, due to audiences catching the pilot and deciding whether or not to continue with the series. Malibu Country premiered to 8.9 million total viewers, and last nightís episode only pulled in 6.7 million total viewers. TV Line is reporting thatís a 43% drop from the premiere. Itís not like Malibu Country is looking completely dismal at this pointóit still does better than Foxís Friday night fodder, which includes Kitchen Nightmares (3.4 million total viewers) and Fringe (2.7 million total viewers), or NBCís Grimm (5 million total viewers). However, things might not look so great for the series if it continues to drop week-to-week.

TV Blend will keep you posted on how the shows fare in the coming weeks.
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