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What Netflix Can Learn From Adult Swim

Netflix has established itself as the dominant streaming platform, but there are a few key lessons that it can learn from Cartoon Network's late-night programming block.

Watch Rick And Morty's Co-Creator Getting Hammered While Recording An Episode

Rick and Morty's absence may be giving fans the D.T.s, but now you can watch co-creator Justin Roiland get drunk while recording an upcoming episode.

Could Rick And Morty Actually Get McDonald's To Bring Szechuan Sauce Back? Here's The Latest

Fans who witnessed Rick and Morty's surprise Season 3 episode that released on April Fools Day are petitioning McDonald's for one thing, Szechuan sauce. Will Mickey D's pull the trigger?

When Rick And Morty Season 3 Will Actually Start Airing

Adult Swim's fantastically twisted animated series Rick and Morty has been on hiatus since way back in 2015. Now, we have an idea of when the full Season 3 will get into swing.

McDonald's Hilariously Responds To Rick And Morty Attention

The only thing more surprising than the Season 3 premiere of Rick and Morty yesterday was the amount of focus McDonald's got in one particular bit. Here's the great way McDonald's responded to the sudden and weird amount of attention.

How To Watch The Rick And Morty Season 3 Premiere Streaming

Rick and Morty Season 3 has been a long time coming, and in an unprecedented move, the Season 3 played on a loop for hours last night. If you missed it, there's still a chance!

Samurai Jack Is Definitely Ending

For better or worse, this won't be 2004 all over again for Samurai Jack fans.

What Adult Swim Apparently Won't Let Animated Shows Get Away With

Adult Swim has been known for some of the naughtiest animated series on TV, but there's apparently one thing that won't fly.

The Rick And Morty Season 3 Opening Scene Is A Home Run Practical Joke

A newly released Rick and Morty Season 3 sneak peek is a hilariously perfect prank on fans of the series. Check it out!

Dan Harmon Has Started Trolling Rick And Morty Fans Asking About Season 3

Don't ask Dan Harmon when Rick and Morty season 3 is starting if you know what's good for you. Really though. Don't.

First Teaser For New Samurai Jack Episodes Released

Jack's back, baby! The long-awaited fifth season of the beloved cartoon classic has a brand new teaser to get everybody pumped. Hit the jump to check out the teaser and premiere date for the new season.

Dan Harmon Admits Even He Doesn't Know When Rick And Morty Season 3 Is Coming

For the past 15 months or so, fans have waited to see when Adult Swim's Rick and Morty would return for Season 3, but apparently even co-creator Dan Harmon doesn't know.

Rick And Morty Drops A Star Wars Reference In Hilarious Season 3 Footage

To continue tiding us over until Rick and Morty returns, here's some gut-busting Season 3 footage that makes a great (and particularly timely) reference to Star Wars.

Rick And Morty Season 3 Is All Written, So Why Don't We Have A Premiere Date?

The third season of Rick and Morty has been written, so why don't we have a release date yet? Now it seems that one of the show's writers has a much needed update for us.

Rick And Morty Season 3 Will Premiere Way Sooner Than Expected

Although we have known for some time that Rick and Morty Season was coming, it turns out that Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland's masterpiece will return to Cartoon Network's Adult Swim much sooner than expected.

Flavor Flav Is Mad About The Eric Andre Interview, Says He Wasn't Kicked

So, if you caught Flavor Flav's interview on The Eric Andre Show, you know that it ended with an epic kick right to the giant timepiece wearing rapper's face. Well, Flavor Flav wants you to know the truth about that kick. Namely, that it didn't actually happen.

Rick And Morty Recorded A Mini-Episode To Get You Pumped For Season 3

The cast of Rick and Morty recently assembled to improvise a live mini-episode of the series, and it's pure, unadulterated bliss.

Watch Rick & Morty Reenact A Hilariously Insane And NSFW Court Case That Should Be In Season 3

Rick and Morty is known for being off the wall crazy at times, but sometimes real life can be just as crazy. Check out this video of Rick and Morty perfectly reenacting a bizarre and hilarious recent court case.

The Walking Dead Is Getting The Robot Chicken Special We Didn't Know We Were Waiting For

Although it might be some time before we start hearing news regarding The Walking Dead Season 7, this week we learned that the show’s creators have something special planned for fans.

How Adult Swim Is Screwing With The Minds Of Metalocalypse Fans

Adult Swim has built up an audience over the years, thanks to great animated late night programming and a cheeky marketing attitude. That attitude was extremely apparent this week.


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