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Why The Walking Dead's Lennie James Hated The First Half Of Season 7
The first half of The Walking Dead Season 7 was rough for many fans. As it turns out, the episodes were rough on actor Lennie James as well for one big reason.
Why Daryl Might Be A Ticking Time Bomb On The Walking Dead Now
When The Walking Dead returns, Daryl will once again be back with his group and oozing confidence. But is that a good thing? Not likely.
How The Fan Response To The Walking Dead Premiere Has Affected The Rest Of Season 7
The Walking Dead's Season 7 premiere featured some of the most horrifying violence in the series history. And now it appears that it has affected the show moving forward.
New Walking Dead Video Shows Us How To Kick A Zombie To Death, Crush The Apocalypse
The Walking Dead's survivors have warded off zombie-related deaths in some magnificently crazy ways, and this video shows us that stomping a walker's face in is a winning tactic.
How Planet Earth 2 Just Made Its U.S. Premiere Way Easier To Watch
TV watching has changed a lot in recent years, and networks have been working to adapt to the times and bring their programs to viewers in a variety of ways.
Why Pierce Brosnan Is Returning To TV For The First Time In 30 Years
Pierce Brosnan is best known for his characters in film, but he'll soon make his return to television for the first time in decades for one major reason.
Is Heath Ever Returning To The Walking Dead? Here's What The Actor Says
One of the biggest mysteries of The Walking Dead Season 7 so far involves Heath's disappearance. Now, the actor has revealed whether or not he could return.
Is A Major Breaking Bad Character Heading To Better Call Saul?
A new video has surfaced online seemingly indicating the return of a fan-favorite Breaking Bad character when Better Call Saul's third season debuts!
Rick Does Not Look Pleased With One Character In New Walking Dead Photo
AMC has put out some actual character-centric pics for us to dissect, and in the most interesting one, Rick is particularly interested in one character. Or is it?
Kirsten Dunst Is Heading Back To TV For An Awesome New Show
Kirsten Dunst had her first extended TV role for Fargo's excellent second season, and she just signed up for a new show that could be just as good.
7 Walking Dead Characters Most Likely To Die In Season 7, Ranked
It was tough to predict who might die on The Walking Dead following Negan's big intro, but the back half of Season 7 is far more open. Here are those most likely to be killed off soon.
The Walking Dead Character Following Rick's Group Might Not Be Who We Think
The Walking Dead gave fans a good mystery in the midseason finale with that creepy stalker person, and it turns out we might all be wrong about who it is.
New Walking Dead Images Are Super Weird And Full Of Clues
AMC has unleashed a bunch of strange Walking Dead images that tease the back half of Season 7 in unclear ways. Here are some of the most interesting of the bunch.
One Way The Walking Dead's Ratings Are Negatively Affecting AMC
The Walking Dead's current ratings dip is beginning to have an impact. This is not great news for AMC.
How Many Times Negan Has Killed On The Walking Dead, According To Math
The numbers are in, and it seems that The Walking Dead's Negan has already racked up an insane body count.
What One Walking Dead Actor Misses Most About The Show After Being Killed Off
Getting a job on The Walking Dead is definitely celebratory, but definitely not something to consider permanent. Here's what one killed-off actor misses the most about working on the hit drama.
How Long The Walking Dead Will Probably Air
It seems like there's no end in sight for The Walking Dead's run on AMC, but let's take a closer look at how likely that "no end in sight" conceit still is.
The Wild Story Behind Shane and Lori’s Walking Dead Sex Scene
Remember that intense sex scene between Shane and Lori on The Walking Dead? Turns out there's a wild story behind it. Get the details!
One Walking Dead Side Character May Be Getting A Much Bigger Role In Future Episodes
One of The Walking Dead's supporting characters may have big things coming up in future episodes.
Glenn's 3 Best Moments On The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead was a funnier and more hopeful show for years thanks to Glenn's presence in the zombie apocalypse. As 2016 comes to an end, the time is now to reflect back on his best moments in the series.
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