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The Walking Dead: Who Gave Daryl That Note?
Tonight's episode of The Walking Dead spent some time in The Sanctuary, which means we got to see Daryl. And Daryl had something strange happen to him.
Negan Just Reminded Everyone On The Walking Dead How Brutal He Is
This week's "Sing Me a Song" took us right back into the action at the Sanctuary, in case any of us forgot what horrors Negan is capable of when his rules are broken.
Three Carl And Negan Moments That Were Identical To The Walking Dead Comics
Last week's Walking Dead episode took a detour from the main characters, but this week put us back in touch, and Carl and Negan took up most of the episode, giving audiences some comic-specific scenes.
The Walking Dead: How Tara Would Have Reacted To Negan During The Premiere
There were a ton of characters absent from Negan's terrifying murders in the premiere, including Tara.
Carl And Negan Meet Face To Face In New Walking Dead Teaser
A new teaser as just released for the next Walking Dead, and it looks like a doozy.
The Walking Dead Just Teased An Awesome Comic Moment From The Next Episode
If AMC's own social media activity is to be believed, we're going to get one extremely gnarly moment from the source material that could lead to one of this season's best scenes yet.
How Shows Like The Walking Dead And Stranger Things Have Impacted The Way We Name Kids
It appears that The Walking Dead and Stranger Things had a major impact on the baby name trends of 2016. Get the details!
One Walking Dead Spoiler That Talking Dead Revealed
We've actually already seen spoilers for this week's episode, you just may have forgotten.
The Walking Dead Is Still Losing Viewers, Here's What We Know
Seven seasons in, The Walking Dead has expanded its universe to show more interesting regions and areas. However, not everyone is over the cliffhanger heard round the world at the end of Season 6.
Is The Walking Dead's Jesus Gay? Here's What Thomas Payne Says
When Thomas Payne's Jesus first appeared in the live-action Walking Dead universe, he became an instant fan favorite. And now the character's sexuality is what they're interested in.
Will The Walking Dead Tell Negan's Backstory? Here's What Scott Gimple Says
The Walking Dead entered a new era in Season 7 with the introduction of Negan as the top dog of the zombie apocalypse. A big question all season has been of whether we'll find out what made Negan the way that he is. Scott Gimple has the answer.
One Walking Dead Cast Member Is Still Very Squeamish Around Blood
The Walking Dead is reportedly a pretty grueling series to shoot. Not only does the cast have to film major action scenes during the heat of summer in Georgia, they also have to muck around in the outdoors and frequently deal with getting covered in fake blood and other goo.
How Negan Got Lucille Has Finally Been Revealed
Negan is the kind of character who made himself familiar with all sorts of weapons in the post-apocalypse, but he is quite partial to one in particular. And now we know how he met his beloved bat Lucille.
The Subtle Way The Walking Dead Honored Glenn In The Latest Episode
Did you catch the nod to Glenn Rhee in the last episode?
Will Negan Get Killed This Season? Here's What Jeffrey Dean Morgan Says
Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan has made a head-smashingly big impact on The Walking Dead since his introduction, but how long will he actually be on the show?
The Big Change AMC Is Making Because Of Frank Darabont's Walking Dead Lawsuit
The lawsuit between Frank Darabont and AMC over The Walking Dead got a little more serious today.
One Big Way The Walking Dead Could Bring Oceanside Back
On Sunday night, The Walking Dead continued the world-building exercises of Season 7 with the introduction of Oceanside, and here's a big way the area could return in the future.
Why This Weekend's Walking Dead Episode Was So Hard To Film
The Walking Dead puts its characters through an awful lot of pain and suffering, but the actors usually have an easier time than their characters. In the case of the latest episode, nobody on The Walking Dead had a comfortable time for one big reason.
Another Walking Dead Character Has Gone Missing
The Walking Dead has spent Season 7's front half following very specific story arcs and characters to. For "Swear," the drama finally caught back up with the long-gone Tara and Heath.
The Walking Dead's Oceanside: What We Know From The Comics
The Walking Dead has given viewers a bunch of new locations to get used to in Season 7, and that kept happening in tonight's episode, which brought out Oceanside. Here's what we know about it.
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