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The BBC Is Making A Ton Of Agatha Christie Adaptations
Agatha Christie's large body of works has a long and storied history on the big and small screen. Right now, the small screen is not ready to be beat in terms of big Agatha Christie projects.
The Great British Bake Off Is Breaking Records In Great Britain
Some shows hit their strides much later than others. Reality competition series The Great British Bake Off is clearly one of those shows, as the recent ratings for the Season 7 premiere in Great Britain were off the charts.
Watch A Couple Seemingly Have Sex On The Beach During A News Broadcast
Live news broadcasts have long been known to offer viewers sporadic instances of TV gold, and for one BBC presenter, that gold looked more than a little like people having sex on the beach.
True Blood's Stephen Moyer Has A New TV Show, Get The Details
Stephen Moyer was a fixture on the small screen for years as the vampire Bill on HBO's True Blood. Now, he's returning to television in what will be a very different role.
What To Expect From Sherlock Season 4, According To Benedict Cumberbatch
Sherlock Season 4 is coming sometime next year, and there's still exactly a dozen questions people want to know the answers. Like always, Sherlock as all the answers. Check out what Benedict Cumberbatch says to expect from the season.
The Sherlock Season 4 Teaser Is Gripping And Explosive, Watch It Now
The first footage for the long-awaited Season 4 of Sherlock is finally here! Hit the jump to get your first taste of the new season.
Les Miserables Is Headed To TV, Here's What We Know
Everyone's favorite Broadway musical is coming to TV, but you may be surprised how.
Will Sherlock End After Season 4? Here's What Steven Moffat Says
Sherlock love is still at a fever pitch, especially now that work has finally begun on Season 4 of the super popular PBS series. Fans are greedy, though, and we all want to know if there will be more after that. Well, Steven Moffat has an answer for you.
The Former Time Lord Who Wants To Return To Doctor Who
Doctor Who has a history of writing off characters in the most heartbreaking ways possible, but it also has a history of using timey-wimey shenanigans to bring them back. One former Time Lord is evidently on board for a return.
How Top Gear Will Handle Replacing Chris Evans
After years of success around the world, Top Gear was at the center of an ugly ordeal last year when Jeremy Clarkson was fired over a behind-the-scenes scuffle, leading to a brand new set of presenters speeding around for Season 23. But the drama continued, and now the company has figured out how to replace the vacating Chris Evans.
Top Gear Is Already Losing One Of Its New Hosts
Following the Top Gear fracas involving former presenter Jeremy Clarkson, The BBC brought in a whole new team of hosts to its rebooted version of the show, and it looks like that era has already come to an end with one of those hosts stepping down after just one season.
A Top Gear Host Might Quit Over All Of The Backstage Problems
The new version of BBC's Top Gear just hit the schedule a few weeks ago, but the show has seemed plagued by behind-the-scenes problems since it first started coming together.
The Next Agatha Christie Adaptation The BBC Is Lining Up
The world loves a good mystery, and Agatha Christie's stories are some of the most enduring of all time. Her stories and plays get turned into movies, miniseries and TV episodes fairly regularly and now there's another in the works.
The Doctor Who Spinoff Will Feature An LGBT Character, Get The Details
While Doctor Who has been called out for diversity issues, its spinoff Class won't have that same problem. The TV show will have characters of different genders and races, and now we've learned one other important bit of news.
How A Doctor Who Dalek Might Help To Exterminate Superbugs
Doctor Who has established the Daleks as an evil race of cyborgs to be avoided at all costs. Now, a real-life Dalek may in fact have the key to saving humanity that involves a way less terrifying kind of extermination.
Peter Capaldi Just Revealed A Big Doctor Who Spoiler
This past weekend at Awesome Con in Washington D.C., Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi accidentally let slip a spoiler involving the Twelfth Doctor and a character quite familiar to fans. Red on to find out who.
The New Top Gear May Have A Ratings Problem
Top Gear returned to the schedule a little over a week ago with a brand new cast and a big challenge ahead of it. The challenge was convincing people Top Gear would still be good, despite the upheaval, the cast changes and the rumors about problems on the set.
When Steven Moffat's Final Doctor Who Episode Will Air
Steven Moffat has been the showrunner on Doctor Who since 2010, but the long-running series is about to go through a slew of changes. Not only is current lead Peter Capaldi getting a brand new companion in Pearl Mackie during Season 10, but Steven Moffat is also preparing to step down.
How Well The New Top Gear Did In The Ratings
It took a long time for the new version of Top Gear to make it to the air. Presumably, the BBC was hoping that signing on new hosts and releasing ton of footage would create a lot of hype for the new version of the series. But how did it do in the ratings?
How Matt LeBlanc Feels About The Top Gear Changes
Recently, Matt LeBlanc spoke out about joining Top Gear, his love of cars and even exactly what he feels about all of the Top Gear changes that are coming. Here’s what he had to say.
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