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The Doctor Who Christmas Special Broke Ratings Records
The Doctor Who Christmas special has become a holiday TV tradition over the years, and an awful lot of people tuned in to catch the 2016 episode.
The 5 Best DC And Marvel Easter Eggs In The Doctor Who Christmas Special
As to be expected from a superhero inspired romp, the Doctor Who Christmas special has quite a few references to both Marvel and DC properties. Check them out!
Meet Doctor Who's Hilarious New Companion In Action-Packed Season 10 Trailer
Doctor Who will finally return for Season 10 in 2017, and new footage has hit the web to give a closer look at the brand new companion who will join the Doctor in his adventures.
The Big Way River Song Played Into Doctor Who's Christmas Special
A year after meeting the Twelfth Doctor, River Song still played an important part in this year's Doctor Who Christmas special, "The Return of Doctor Mysterio." Warning: spoilers ahead!
How To Watch The Doctor Who Christmas Special Streaming
This year's Doctor Who special will be the Time Lord's first and only appearance on our TVs in 2016. Here's how you'll be able to find it streaming.
Eddie Redmayne As Doctor Who? It's Not As Far-Fetched As You'd Think
Eddie Redmayne brought magic back to the big screen with Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Now, the question is of whether or not he could tackle the role of the Time Lord on Doctor Who.
Doctor Who Finally Introduces Its Superhero In Intriguing Christmas Special Footage
A special look at the Doctor Who Christmas special has arrived. And as promised, the superhero that features prominently in the episode's plotline
Why Doctor Who's Companions Should Always Be Female, According To Steven Moffat
Current Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat believes that the show's main companions should always be ladies for this reason.
The Major Shake-ups Doctor Who May Be Going Through
Just when you thought it was safe to settle into watching a new companion on Doctor Who, some troubling rumors have indicated a big change being planned for after Steven Moffat leaves. Get the speculative details, inside.
The Good Advice Matt Smith Gave Peter Capaldi Before He Started On Doctor Who
Any actor who tackles the role of the Doctor on Doctor Who faces a lot of pressure when it comes to anchoring such a long-running series. Matt Smith gave his successor some solid advice when he passed the torch.
The Famous Superhero Who Inspired The Doctor Who Christmas Special
Doctor Who will hit TVs for the only time in 2016 for the annual Christmas special, which will pair the Time Lord with a superhero. Here's what inspired Steven Moffat to pen the powered-up episode.
Doctor Who's Lost Episodes Are Headed To Theaters, Get The Details
Doctor Who fans have had plenty to be excited about ever since the announcement of the restoration of long-lost episodes. Now, even more excited news has broken about the missing episodes.
What We Know About The Formerly Lost Doctor Who Episodes
Doctor Who made headlines not too long ago with the announcement that some of its long-lost episodes would be returning to the small screen in a whole new way. Continue reading to see what we know about what's to come.
Doctor Who Just Cast A Superhero For The Christmas Special, Here's What We Know
The Doctor Who Christmas special is a highlight of every holiday season. This year's promises to be different now that the Doctor is short a regular companion, but it looks like the show is bringing in a superhero to mix things up.
A Fan-Favorite Doctor Who Character Really Wants To Return
Plenty of characters on Doctor Who have come and gone over the years, and the bendable rules of time and space mean that pretty much anybody can return. One beloved actor is more than willing to bring a fan-favorite character back to the series.
What Christopher Eccleston Regrets Most About Doctor Who
Christopher Eccleston kicked off the Doctor Who revival back in 2005 as the first 21st century incarnation of the Doctor, but he sadly only held onto the role for a single season. Now, he's revealed his biggest regret about all things Who.
Doctor Who May Bring A Familiar Face Back For The Christmas Special
Another Christmas special means another special companion for The Doctor. Yet this year's Doctor Who special might be bringing a familiar friend from the past back into the fold, and it's not who you'd think. Read on to see who could possibly be joining The Doctor for Christmas.
When The Restored Version Of Doctor Who's Long-Destroyed The Power Of The Daleks Can Finally Be Seen
Doctor Who has been a British institution for more than fifty years, but there have been big gaps in surviving content from the early days. A restoration of a classic story is in the works, and it'll debut sooner than we might have guessed.
The Awesome Way The BBC Looks To Be Reviving The Lost Doctor Who Episodes
Much of Doctor Who's early episodes have been "lost," but now the BBC may have found a way for fans to watch them, albeit in a different form.
Which Show The Doctor Who Spinoff Class Modeled Itself After
Doctor Who spinoff Class will be distinctly different from the other shows set in the Who universe. In fact, according to the creator, Class was modeled after a show from the American side of the pond.
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