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Good News, Robert Kirkman Does Know How The Walking Dead Will End
The Walking Dead is still going strong in both the comics and the TV show, but creator Robert Kirkman already knows how the series will one day end.
Robert Kirkman's Favorite Walking Dead Moment, According To Robert Kirkman
No one has spent more time and effort into The Walking Dead than Robert Kirkman, so his favorite story would understandably be hard to pin down. But he has one.
The Major Way Glenn's Death Is Different From Every Other Walking Dead Death For Robert Kirkman
Why The Walking Dead Had To Kill Off Glenn, According To Robert Kirkman
When The Walking Dead returned, fans rabidly wondered if Negan's big comic moment would go the same way. And Robert Kirkman has shared why one part of the scene had to happen the way it did.
The Hilarious Story Behind Glenn's Very First Walking Dead Scene
Robert Kirkman recently shared some memories of Steven Yeun's work on The Walking Dead, specifically Glenn's first scenes from Season 1.
How The Walking Dead Has Worked To Keep Filming A Secret
Few shows in the history of television have had to work as hard to keep secrets from viewers as The Walking Dead. But necessary steps had to be taken. Here are some of them.
How Robert Kirkman Feels About The Walking Dead Cliffhanger After The Backlash
The Walking Dead has earned a ton of crap from fans who were angry about the Season 6 cliffhanger, and creator Robert Kirkman has recently spoken out regarding this backlash.
Why Robert Kirkman Won't Explain How The Walking Dead's Outbreak Started
Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman has gone the past 13 years without revealing the catastrophic event that caused the zombie outbreak. And here's why he won't.
The Exciting Change The Walking Dead TV Show Might Make With Villains The Whisperers
When The Walking Dead returns for Season 7, Negan will be in control. But what about all things post-Negan? Robert Kirkman has a great idea for how to make The Whisperers even more relevant.
The Walking Dead Might Make One Huge Change From The Comics
The Walking Dead has been able to pull some of its best and scariest moments to date straight from the pages of the comics, but there may be one massive change that will completely set the show apart from the source material.
The Silly Reason There's A Tiger In The Walking Dead, According To Robert Kirkman
The most exciting new aspect of The Walking Dead is The Kingdom, led by King Ezekiel. And fans should be especially excited for this introduction because it's bringing a brand new badass aspect of the show: a tiger named Shiva.
The Walking Dead Season 7 Is Going To Be Epic, According To Robert Kirkman
Marketing and commercials have been a bit tricky for Season 7, as the editors have been unable to use footage of the characters who are in danger, out of fear of spoiling the big cliffhanger. Luckily for us, Walking Dead creator and writer Robert Kirkman has recently given us a hint as to what to expect this season.
Why You Shouldn't Give Up On The Walking Dead After That Cliffhanger, According To Robert Kirkman
Season 6 of The Walking Dead ended on a crazy cliffhanger that had some fans declaring that they were done with the show forever. Executive producer Robert Kirkman has come up with a big reason why they should come back for Season 7.
Why It's Good For Fans That Fear The Walking Dead Isn't Based On Any Comics
Unlike its predecessor, Fear the Walking Dead isn't based on any particular comic series. According to the creator, fans are lucky that there's no source material for one big reason.
How The Walking Dead Will Handle Negan's Cursing In Season 7
It's a pretty [censored] good week to be a Walking Dead fan. The show dropped the very first Season 7 trailer on everybody last week, and the stars are finally allowed to start talking about what fans can expect. And now we know if we can expect to see more of Negan's F-bombs in the future.
How The Walking Dead Brought That Tiger To Life, According To Robert Kirkman
Season 6 may have left fans hanging in a big way, but the Season 7 trailer for The Walking Dead helped to fill in some tiger sized holes. Hit the jump to learn how exactly they brought that non-zombie related creature to life.
The Walking Dead Character Robert Kirkman Regrets Killing Off
If I had a dollar for every Walking Dead character that creator Robert Kirkman sentenced to death, I'd probably be able to buy a season of the show on Blu-ray and one of the comic trade editions. But there is always some regret when a character goes away, and Kirkman isn't immune from that. Here's who he regrets killing off.
What The Walking Dead's Negan Was Originally Going To Be Called
At this point during The Walking Dead's live-action run, we have only just gotten to know the sometimes homicidal and sometimes slightly less homicidal villain Negan.
Why Walking Dead Fans From All Over Are Flocking To Robert Kirkman's Hometown
I believe we are all familiar with the fact that The Walking Dead fans can be pretty overzealous at times. (Just spend a few seconds on Twitter during the 24 hours following every episode's airing.) But fans are pretty much all in agreement about something happening in the middle of Robert Kirkman's hometown.
How Star Trek's Brent Spiner Feels About Switching To Horror For Robert Kirkman's Outcast
Star Trek: The Next Generation alum Brent Spiner is known for adhering to the sci-fi genre, but he dove headfirst into horror for Robert Kirkman's Outcast. Here's how he feels about that change.

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