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5 Reality Show Personalities That Had To Leave Their Seasons For Medical Reasons

Let’s take a look at some of the reality show participants over the years who’ve had to check out of their series because medical issues got in the way.

Splash Contestant Nicole Eggert Hospitalized After Diving Injury

Another Splash contestant has suffered an injury in the pool on the ABC diving competition series . Baywatch star Nicole Eggert was reportedly rushed to the hospital after suffering a brutal back-flop during a taping of the show this week.

Before Kendra: 5 Other Reality TV Quitters That Made A Splash

Kendra Wilkinson made a splash this week when she opted not to take the plunge during the most recent episode of the celebrity diving series Splash. Her fear of heights prevented her from following through with the 23 foot drop head first into the water and she was subsequently eliminated from the competition. Whether or not Wilkinson's decision to quit the competition goes down in reality TV history as one of the most memorable early-exits a contestant has made remains to be seen.

Scandal, Grey's Anatomy, The Neighbors And More Finale Dates Set At ABC

Spring has arrived… in theory, anyway. The weather may or may not have gotten the memo, depending on what part of the country you're living in. Regardless of whether or not there's snow on the ground, spring has arrived and with it, the approaching season finales for network television. Just yesterday, we shared the list of NBC finales and today ABC has provided their own schedule of season closers.

Game Of Thrones, March Madness And 10 Other Reasons To Watch TV In March

For the colder states, March can feel like an eternity, as winter drags on and we look forward to spring. Winter is here, but it's also coming, in the more figurative, fantastical sense. Game of Thrones returns for its third season in March. But the HBO fantasy-drama is just one of the ten TV highlights worth looking forward to as March gets underway. There's also Celebrity Apprentice, basketball, The Voice and a couple of anticipated season finales, among some other reasons to set your DVR.

Splash Promo For ABC's Upcoming Diving Series Teases Celebrities In Bathing Suits

Unlike Fox's celebrity diving special, ABC's series Splash will work episodically and will feature ten celerities who will work to master various dives before a weekly poolside audience. ABC's new teaser for the special, which debuts in about a month, focuses a bit more on the bikini bodies than it does the actual diving, but that may be part of the appeal of the show for some.

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