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The Classic Comic Series Legends Of Tomorrow Is Somehow Bringing To Season 2
It appears that DC's Legends of Tomorrow will soon adapt a classic comic book arc during an upcoming episode. Get the details!
Why Supergirl's Lynda Carter Wasn't In The Big DC TV Crossover As Planned
Lynda Carter almost appeared in the big DC TV crossover this week. Here's why she didn't make the final cut.
Supergirl Just Added One Of Superman’s Oldest Villains
One of the advantages of Supergirl airing on TV is being able to delve into the mythology surrounding her famous cousin. That include villains, and we can add yet another Superman baddie to the lineup.
Why Crossovers Between Supergirl And Other DC Shows Will Probably Happen More Often Now
The finale of the 4-way Arrow-verse crossover made interactions between Supergirl and the rest of The CW's DC series much easier to pull off. Get the details!
How The Big DC Crossover Is Making The Flash And Arrow More Like The Comics
Tonight's Legends of Tomorrow capped off the most recent DC/CW mega-crossover, and with it came lots of big reveals, with one possibly making this show and others more like the comics.
Why Arrow Brought Back Laurel For Its 100th Episode
One of the ways Arrow celebrated its 100 episode last night was by including Laurel Lance. Here's why she was included, according to executive producer Andrew Kreisberg.
How Those Strange Arrow Cameos Happened, According To Marc Guggenheim
Arrow brought back a number of familiar faces for its 100th episode. Apparently, the team behind the scenes had to get creative for a couple of key cameos.
Why Arrow's Crossover Was The Perfect 100th Episode
Arrow is the show responsible for launching The CW's lineup of superhero series, and it deserved a special event for its 100th episode. Despite all odds, Arrow found a few key ways to create a fabulous showcase for its own history in the middle of a multi-show crossover.
How The Flash Did In The Ratings During The Second Part Of The Crossover
The Arrow-verse crossover technically commenced with Supergirl on Monday night, but it really kicked into high gear with last night's episode of The Flash. But did viewers turn up for it?
The Touching Message Stephen Amell Wrote To Celebrate 100 Arrow Episodes
After almost five seasons now, Arrow will be celebrating it's 100th episode, an impressive landmark for any TV show. Series star Stephan Amell looks back on his five years both on and off a hellish island in a heartfelt message.
Why The DC Crossover Would Have Been The Perfect Opportunity To Merge Supergirl's World With The Main Universe
Here's why it was a wasted opportunity not to merge Supergirl's Earth with Earth-1 during the crossover.
How The Flash's Crossover Just Made The Legends Of Tomorrow Cast Bigger
The Flash just aired its part of the massive four show crossover event for DC shows on The CW, and the episode just made a pretty big change to Legends of Tomorrow. Get the details.
The Major Reveals The Flash's Big Crossover Episode Just Gave Us
The big four-show crossover on The CW got into full swing with the latest episode of The Flash, which delivered some epic reveals about what's to come. Check them all out here!
Just Who The Hell Is Mark Hamill Playing In The Flash Season 3?
After getting our official first look at Mark Hamill's return to The Flash for the midseason finale, we're starting to wonder just who it is he'll be playing, since he looks a little...different.
We Finally Know What Earth Supergirl Is From
Supergirl has always taken place on an Earth separate from the other three superhero shows on The CW. Now, we finally know which Earth is Kara's home.
How The Flash's Midseason Finale Will Completely Change Up Season 3
During its third season, The Flash completely flipped the previous years' scripts with Flashpoint and its subsequent reversal, and it sounds like the show is due for another change-up.
Supergirl: Why Winn Is Worried About Mon-El
Winn has faced a bunch of new challenges in Supergirl Season 2 thanks to his move from CatCo to the D.E.O. Now, it sounds like he's worried about Mon-El's presence on Earth for one big reason.
How Arrow's Diggle Will React After Learning Of His Pre-Flashpoint Life
The ripples of Flashpoint went through the entire Arrow-verse, and one of the bigger changes was that Diggle's daughter was replaced with a son. Find out how Diggle will react when he eventually learns about the changes to the timeline.
What Lillian Luthor Is Really Up To On Supergirl, According To The Actress
Supergirl has been ramping up the threat factor in recent weeks, and actress Brenda Strong has shared what Lillian Luthor will be up to going forward.
Legends Of Tomorrow Is Bringing A Big Character Back, But Not How You Think
Few things are ever necessarily permanent on Legends of Tomorrow. Actress Maisie Richardson-Sellers chatted with CinemaBlend about somebody we can expect to see back on the ensemble-driven series.

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