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Looks Like Deathstroke Is Confirmed For Arrow Season 5
Arrow has introduced some pretty epic villains over the years, but perhaps none has been so terrifyingly awesome as Deathstroke. He's been MIA from the story since Season 3, but it looks like we'll be getting Deathstroke back in Season 5.
A 7th Heaven Actress Wants A Reunion, But Only Under One Condition
7th Heaven ran for an impressive eleven seasons and told the stories of the sizable and mostly wholesome Camden family. One actress has revealed that she's game for a reunion of the TV family, but she has one big condition.
Arrow Is Getting A Mystery Guest During Season 5, Here's What We Know
It seems that a mysterious guest star will make an appearance in Star City during the fifth season of Arrow. Get the details!
Watch The Flash And The Rival Flash Go At It In Awesome New Season 3 Trailer
The Flash knows a thing or two about fighting supervillains that also have fast feet and use "flash" in their names, and in this new Season 3 trailer, Barry goes up against The Rival Flash. Check it out!
Arrow Is Bringing Back A Long Dead Character For Season 5
People come back from the dead all the time in comics, but this one still a pretty big shocker. Hit the jump to find out which character is seemingly coming back on Arrow.
The Supernatural Episode That Was The Worst To Shoot, According To Jared Padalecki
Supernatural has produced its fair share of heartbreaking episodes over the years that have put the Winchester boys through the emotional wringer. Jared Padalecki has revealed which episode to date was the roughest for him to shoot.
5 Specific Ways Flashpoint May Affect Arrow
Check out our list of five specific ways in which The Flash's Flashpoint story arc could affect the fifth season of The CW's Arrow.
The Flash Is Probably Bringing A Popular Side Character Back For Season 3
Once a character leaves The Flash, it's pretty much assumed that his or her absence will only be a temporary one, and Season 3 may bring back another familiar face.
The Flash And Other CW Shows Will Soon Be Free For Anyone, Get The Details
The CW will never be a network that draws the same numbers as any of the Big Three, but it has been drawing bigger audiences in recent years thanks to its superhero series. Folks without access to The CW will soon be able to stream any of its shows free of charge.
New Supergirl Season 2 Trailer Hints About Why Supergirl And Superman Are Teaming Up
Supergirl has been cagey about what specific event will bring the eponymous hero and Superman together, but now we may finally know the answer thanks to a new trailer.
One Supergirl Character Won't Be So Happy To See Superman
Although most people are beyond excited to see Tyler Hoechlin's Superman show up on Supergirl, one specific character won't be thrilled to see him in Season 2.
First Look At Arrow's Wild Dog And More In Action-Packed New Trailer
Season 5 of Arrow is only a few weeks away, and we're finally starting to get substantial footage of what's to come. The latest trailer provides a closer look at new members of Oliver's team, and it's definitely worth checking out.
Supergirl Season 2 Has Added An Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Actress
Comic TV shows are all the rage nowadays, but we'll sadly never get to see any crossovers between Marvel and DC series. Still, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. fans will soon be able to see one of its most unforgettable names tackle an intriguing new part on Supergirl.
Legends Of Tomorrow Will Have Two Versions Of One Of Its New Heroes, Get The Details
Legends of Tomorrow did a pretty good job of throwing the audience some curveballs during Season 1, and now we know that Season 2 will be doing the same thing with one of its new characters, as we'll get two versions of one of them.
The Flash Season 3 Will Bring One Big Villain Back For Kevin Smith's Episode
Characters never really go away on The Flash, they just become something else usually. Or not. In any case, one big villain is returning for Season 3, and it'll be the episode that Kevin Smith is directing!
How Arrow Will Be Responsible For One Of Season 5's Biggest Problems
Arrow is set to come full circle in Season 5 as Oliver completes that journey set up for him all the way back in the pilot. Unfortunately, he'll have a rough final year thanks his role in the origin of his latest supervillain.
Superman Is Going To Be All Over Supergirl Season 2, Here's The Evidence
Supergirl is set to expand Kara's on-screen family in Season 2 when Superman himself drops by for a visit. We already knew he was on the way in the premiere; now, it looks like he'll be all over the first episodes of the second season.
How Arrow Season 5 Will Take One Character Somewhere They've Never Been
The good guys of Arrow have been through a wild series of ups and downs in four seasons, and many of those trials are things most regular folks wouldn't be able to make it through. It looks like one character, though, is about to go through something completely different.
The Flash's Biggest Change From The Flashpoint Comic Story
When The Flash drops Season 3 on viewers next month, the changes will come fast and furious, initially because of the Flashpoint narrative's introduction. Here's the biggest difference between the comic and TV version.
When Supernatural Is At Its Best, According To Jensen Ackles
Supernatural has produced just about every kind of episode over its first eleven seasons, ranging from darkly dramatic to crazily comedic. Star Jensen Ackles thinks that a certain type of episode works best for the series.

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