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The Flash: First Look At Caitlin's Mom Is All Business And No Love
We've just received our first good look at Caitlin Snow's mother on The Flash, and it's clear that there's no warm reunion in store for these two. Check it out!
The Flash And The 100 Creators Are Teaming Up For A Wild New Show
The Flash creator Greg Berlanti has been at the center of good TV for years, and his next project will see him team with The 100 creator for a crazy new show.
How The Flash Just Made Harrison Wells Better Than Ever
The Flash's potentially infinite timelines and other-Earths offer the kind of in-show variety that most other shows can't pull off, and tonight's episode got to do something fantastic with Tom Cavanagh's Harrison Wells.
The Flash Just Brought A Fan Favorite Villain Back In A Crazy Way
Supervillains should always hit up Central City when they're wanting to cause some havoc, since The Flash is a show well known for keeping the door open for antagonists to return. But tonight was...different.
How Diggle Is Going To Respond To Arrow's Flashpoint Changes
The CW's superhero universe changed in a big way when Barry Allen raced back in time to kick off the Flashpoint story of DC fame. Arrow's Diggle has been affected by Barry's timeline shenanigans, and he may have a surprising reaction when he finds out.
The Awesome Twist Supergirl Just Gave Lynda Carter's New Character
Lynda Carter has officially made her Supergirl debut, and it won't be an introduction that many will forget any time soon thanks to an awesome twist.
Whose Line Is It Anyway And More Renewed By The CW
The CW has officially renewed several of its popular shows, including improv series Whose Line Is It Anyway? Get the details!
Supergirl: What To Expect From Kara’s Father
One of Supergirl's bigger dangling plot threads has been the whereabouts of Kara's formerly thought dead adoptive father. Hit the jump for a tease of what the show may have planned for Jeremiah Danvers.
Watch Supergirl Save Lynda Carter In Brand New Clip
Lynda Carter will soon make her Supergirl debut in a big role, and it looks like she'll be getting into trouble pretty quickly in National City. In fact, Kara will have to make a wonderful save that's definitely worth a watch.
How Legends Of Tomorrow Will Follow Up That Deadly Twist
Tonight's episode of Legends of Tomorrow spent more time with the Justice Society of America, but not everyone was still breathing by the time the credits rolled.
Ratings Roundup: The Best And The Worst For Each Major Network So Far
There are some fall shows that are faring way better than others, and we've decided to compile a list of network TV's best and worst to give you a taste of which of your favorite shows are doing well and which aren't
The Flash's Best Guest Star Is Returning For Season 3
The Flash has brought a wide variety of talented guest stars to Central City for adventures with the Scarlet Speedster. One of the most entertaining will be back for Season 3, and Barry may not be 100% thrilled about it.
The Crazy Way Kid Flash Could Return To The Flash
The Flashpoint timeline of The Flash Season 3 featured a Wally West as the speedster Kid Flash. He didn't get to keep the powers for long, but he may have a way to get them back.
One Major Plot The Flash Will Focus On During Season 3
The Flash has an awful lot going on so far in Season 3, and it's hard to say which plots are here to stay and which will be dropped early on. One Flash exec has come out and revealed one plot will receive plenty of attention from here on out.
Why Flashpoint Was Only One Episode, According To One Flash Producer
The Flashpoint story arc only took up a single episode of The Flash's third season, but there was a very specific reason for that creative decision. Get the details!
The Flash: First Look At Mirror Master Already Has Barry In Trouble
The Flash introduced another metahuman from Doctor Alchemy's stable tonight, but it was the first look at Mirror Master in a trailer for next week's episode that got us most excited.
Arrow May Bring A Major Villain Back Really Soon
Arrow has seen a lot of bad guys come and go in the past four seasons, but now it looks like one of those villains may be coming back way sooner than anyone could have thought.
When Captain Cold Is Returning To Legends Of Tomorrow
Legends of Tomorrow shocked audiences in Season 1 when it seemed to kill off Captain Cold, but we soon learned that he wasn't gone for good. Now, we know when he'll be back.
How Supergirl Wrote Off Cat Grant
Cat Grant finally made her grand exit from Supergirl in the latest episode, and the circumstances should give viewers plenty to think about in the coming weeks.
Check Out Cody Rhodes' Epic New Arrow-Themed Costume
Cody Rhodes has posted a photo of himself wearing a seriously amazing Arrow-themed wrestling costume. Check it out!

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