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Arrow's Katie Cassidy Is Going To Be On Multiple Shows Next Season, Get The Details
We've got some truly fantastic news for Arrow fans who aren't quite ready to say good-bye to actress Katie Cassidy.
What We Know So Far About The Flash's Flashpoint
We were in the Ballroom 20 audience for this year's panel on The Flash at Comic-Con, and we've got all the information you need going into Flashpoint.
How Flashpoint Will Seriously Mess With Barry In The Flash Season 3, According To Grant Gustin
Earlier today brought the world's first trailer for Season 3 of The Flash, setting the stage for episodes that will delve heavily into aspects of the Flashpoint storyline. Grant Gustin revealed to CinemaBlend and other outlets at roundtable interviews during Comic-Con that Barry will be affected in a very distinct way by the new timeline.
Arrow Is Putting Together A New Team In Season 5 Trailer
We're still a few months away from watching the full aftermath of Arrow Season 4, which put Team Arrow in a very complicated place. And when Season 5 gets here, it looks like we'll be watching a somewhat different team rise up from the ashes. Check out the first trailer for Season 5!
The Flash Season 3 Comic-Con Trailer Is Exciting And Twisted
Fresh out of San Diego Comic-Con, The Flash Season 3 trailer has been released. Check it out!
The Flash And Arrow Universe Is About To Make Its Villains Way Stronger, Get The Details
There has been no shortage of villains on Arrow and The Flash over the years, from the weekly metahumans and vagrants to the season-capping big bads. Now, the combined TV universe is going huge with some familiar faces.
Why The Original Flash TV Characters Won't Be Coming To The Comics
If you were hoping that you'd see some fan favorite original characters from The Flash make their way to the comics, you're in for some bad news.
The Huge Challenge The 100 Characters Will Face In Season 4
The 100 ended on its most epic cliffhanger yet in the Season 3 finale when it revealed that Clarke and Co. will have to try to save the world. Now, it looks like the world will throw a big curveball their way as they try to survive.
The Flash Season 3 Might Feature This Major DC Hero
The Flash raised its stakes in the Season 2 finale when it sent Barry back in time to kick off a Flashpoint story, and the possibilities are endless for what DC characters could show up in the twisted new timeline. One of those characters could be huge.
Supergirl Adds Vampire Diaries Star As A Mystery DC Character
Supergirl's big move to The CW seems to be involving some big changes in the cast. There are plenty of new additions for Supergirl in Season 2, and there's an awful lot of potential in the latest.
When Arrow Will Reveal Black Canary's Final Words
Arrow made a bold move in Season 4 by killing off one of its longest-running characters in Laurel Lance, and she's pretty definitively dead. Still, her story isn't finished as long the show doesn't reveal her final words. Now, we know when the big reveal will come.
See What The Archie Characters Will Look Like In The New Show
It can be hard to keep track of all of these upcoming new series, but one we've been keeping an eye on is Riverdale, the modern take on the popular Archie comics series that is coming together thanks to Arrow and other DC series producer Greg Berlanti.
How Batman Could Still Join The CW's DC TV Shows
With all of the comic book TV shows currently popping up across the primetime landscape, it should be hard for fans to complain about anything outside of show-specific nitpicking. Yet, I could easily air out some grievances over not having a live-action Batman anywhere on the small screen. However...
The WWE's Cody Rhodes Totally Wants To Destroy Oliver For His Arrow Appearance
Oliver Queen has faced his fair share of bad guys bent on his destruction over the years on Arrow. Now, it's looking like WWE wrestler Cody Rhodes is hoping to use his upcoming Arrow appearance to really make his mark on Oliver.
7 Reasons Why Legends Of Tomorrow Needs To Get Better At Time Travel
The CW has established an impressive empire of superhero series, but time travel show Legends of Tomorrow's sadly falls short on how it handles its central premise. Legends just isn't very good at time travel, and we have seven reasons why that needs to change ASAP.
Supergirl Season 2 Just Cast A New LGBT Character
Supergirl will be making a lot of changes when it makes the move to The CW for Season 2, and some of those changes will involve new characters. The latest will be a major LGBT character who could play a huge part in Kara's story.
Supergirl Season 2 Just Added A Justice League Comic Character
All of the shows on The CW's DC TV slate are getting big additions in their upcoming seasons. Supergirl's upcoming transition to The CW's lineup of DC series will also see the introduction of a beloved character from Justice League lore.
We Finally Have a Look At Kid Flash And It's On Point
When Wally West debuted last season on The Flash, comic book fans knew that a heroic destiny awaited him. Now it's official, as we have our first look at Keiynan Lonsdale suited up as Kid Flash for Season 3.
WWE's Cody Rhodes Is Taking His Arrow Season 5 Appearance Seriously, Check It Out
Professional wrestler Cody Rhodes is proving to his fans that he won't be taking any prisoners when he faces off against Oliver Queen on Season 5 of Arrow. Here's what is happening.
One Arrow Character Is Branching Out In A Big Way
This fall, The CW will increase its already impressive interconnected comic book universe by adding Supergirl to the mix. And now it looks like the creative team behind the shows will also give one particular Arrow character access to the whole shebang.

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