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In Descent, acclaimed actress Rosario Dawson plays the most controversial character of her career: a promising college student who becomes bent on seeking revenge after a shocking act of violence is committed on her. The feature debut of co-writer/ director/producer Talia Lugacy, Descent is a film that unnervingly tackles some of the country’s most taboo subjects.

Maya’s (Dawson) life seems blessed- the boys can’t resist her charm and beauty and she has a promising academic future – yet she still feels alone. Jared’s (Chad Faust) is also blessed with ease. The two begin to flirt and date but on one night things move too far too fast and Maya tries to pull away but he won’t let go.

After this violation, Maya breaks away from everything familiar. She enters the new semester transformed: bold and dynamic in a world that suddenly seems small and protected to her. She vows vengeance on her attacker. She will be in control.

Descent is an unforgettable tale of innocence shattered, dreams destroyed, and vengeance fulfilled, featuring a shattering, career-defining performance from Dawson.

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