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A modest building manager named Clevland Heep (Paul Giamatti) rescues a mysterious young woman (Bryce Dallas Howard) from danger and discovers she is actually a narf, a character from a bedtime story who is trying to make the treacherous journey from our world back to hers. Cleveland and his fellow tenants start to realize they are also characters in this bedtime story As Cleveland falls deeper and deeper in love witht he woman, he works together with the tenants to protect his new, fragile friend from the deadly creatures that reside in this fable and are determined to prevent her from returning home.

Originally we'd heard this was about a sea nymph and a guy, a la Splash, only subtract the humor and sexiness and replace it with creepy music and unanswered questions. But the latest update on the plot makes it sound like something else entirely. Basically, it's a fairytale story set in the real world. Unbreakble with nymphs (or narfs according to WB's possibly typoed official site).

The teaser for it looks good. That should probably be no surprise, M. Night is a master at cutting great advertisements. The original trailer for Unbreakable is probably still one of my favorite movie ads of all time. He never gives anything away, but he manages to hook you anyway. But Lady in the Water looks like he may be trying a new type of film this time. Hopefully, he's getting away from the thriller with a twist ending thing and doing something fresh. There's a bit of scary music in the last five seconds of the teaser that worries me... it nearly breaks into "Shyamalan twist ending" mode, but maybe that's just my imagination.

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