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In just a few short years, Notorious B.I.G. rose from the streets of Brooklyn to become one of the most influential hip hop artists of all time. B.I.G. was a gifted storyteller; his narratives about violent life on the streets were told with a gritty, objective realism that won him enormous respect and credibility. His stories were universal and gave a voice to his generation.

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The Worst Boxer Of All Time Gets His Own Movie The Worst Boxer Of All Time Gets His Own Movie

With a mere 32 wins and 11 draws over his 19 year, 300 fight career, Peter Buckley isn’t a name you’re going to recognize as one of the greats. But you can’t lose 256 bouts without having some serious fighting spirit, and that will most likely be the focus of the upcoming biopic chronicling his life.

The Worst Boxer Of All Time Gets His Own Movie

Billboard Bimbo Sues Fox Searchlight Billboard Bimbo Sues Fox Searchlight

File this under “Washed Up Celeb Begging For Money” news. Angelyne, relative non-celebrity, is suing Fox Searchlight because a billboard of herself appears on screen for about 12 seconds in the 2009 Notorious B.I.G. biopic Notorious

Billboard Bimbo Sues Fox Searchlight



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