Oprah On 30 Rock!

30 Rock sure is scoring with it’s big names guest stars lately. First it was Jennifer Aniston, and now the Queen of Daytime – yes, I mean Oprah – is in talks to make an appearance! According to EOnline, it’s going to be pretty early in the season too.

Legend of the Seeker Casting News

Big news for the Legend of the Seeker fans out there. Well, you probably aren’t fans of the series yet, but there are people who are waiting anxiously for this series. Two more characters have been cast, and for at least one of them, nepotism is the name of the game.

Friends Star Makes Guest Appearance On 30 Rock

Everyone’s favorite divorcee and former star of Friends is set to appear on of NBC’s current Thursday night shows. That’s right, Jennifer Aniston is going to make a guest appearance on the hilarious 30 Rock!

Rick Schroder Directs SciFi Telefilm Hellhounds

Hollywood Reporter posted an article just a short while ago about a new telefilm being developed for the SciFi Channel. The film is titled Hellhounds and is being directed by none other than Rick Schroder.

Talent Show Gets A Fourth Season

America’s most famous talent show has been renewed for another season. No, I don’t mean Star Search. That isn’t even on anymore, duh. I meant America’s Got Talent. You know you watch it. Everyone has been watching it.

Michael Phelps Makes An Appearance On Entourage

Entourage is filmed in NYC and apparently Phelps just happened to be in the neighborhood. I am sure that Mr. Phelps will be appearing all over the TV for the rest of the season. He’s got a lot of collateral, and people can’t get enough of him. Get used to the big goofy grin…I just hope he will grow his hair out.

NBC Orders A Full Season Of Chuck

Ya know, every time I hear the name Chuck I want to sing “Chuck-chuck-bo-buck-banana-fana-fo…”, oh, never mind. But I seriously do. So, when I read on Hollywood Reporter that Chuck was going to get a full season of shows, I’ve been batting down the urge to sing all day.

Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns Becomes a Sitcom

Tyler Perry clearly has the “it” factor that everyone is always talking about. Everything he does is golden, and one thing seems to multiply in ten directions. Since his show House of Payne is “ad-supported cable's most-watched original sitcom ever” , I guess TBS decided they could gamble on him and give him another show.

SNL Nabs Medal King For Premiere

So, the news about the host of this seasons September 13th premiere has me excited. That genius Lorne Michael has scheduled the most successful Olympic athlete of all time – that’s right Michael Phelps.

Big Ten Network Sets Deal with Time Warner

Good news for you collegiate sports fans in the Midwest! Time Warner and the Big Ten Network have reached a deal for the network to appear on the lineup in eight states. Hollywood Reporter broke the news earlier today, and believe me, the shouts of joy are already resounding through the countryside.

American Idol Gets A New Judge

Now I know about her background, but I still don’t know what she’s like. It seems like she will know her stuff, and she isn’t going to bail because she doesn’t get how the show works. I’m sure she will bring a good balance to the nonsense that comes out of Paula’s mouth. I never cease to be amazed that they keep that nut job around.

SciFi Ends Stargate Atlantis, But Begins Stargate Universe

However, to the relief (maybe) of millions of viewers, they are creating a third edition - Stargate Universe. I say maybe, because you never know with this kind of thing. It’s like Star Trek, with its many versions. Some people love ‘em, others claim they’ll never be as good as the original. My dad is a die-hard original Star Trek fan, and nothing else will ever measure up. As Josh (our head honcho) likes to say, “Needs More Shatner.”

NBC Has Partial Cast For LAPD

NBC has a new pilot in the works, LAPD. I’m guessing that since NYPD Blue was so successful for ABC, they’re thinking that they’ve got a winner. I’m not so sure. It seems the number of police-based shows is high enough at this point, and another will just be too much.

The Hills - D.C Edition: Blonde Charity Mafia

Did you know The Hills averages around 4 million viewers for every episode? Can you imagine that there are that many people out there who have nothing better to do than watch this crap? Honestly, I've never seen an episode, and I had no idea who the freak Audrina, Lauren and Speidi were until I went to that bastion of truthiness... Wikipedia.

Jonas Moore Set To Become A TV Series

I have some great news for the many fans of The Many Worlds of Jonas Moore out there. According to Yahoo News, there is a serious chance that the story could be coming to television!

ABC Gets SuperManny For The Fall

ABC is banking on the success of Supernanny to bring it another successful show. As sad as this is going to sound, they really are going to do it. This fall is going to bring us…get ready for it… SuperManny. That’s right. They are going there, and they are silly enough to call it that.

Vote On TVs Most Memorable Moments

Opinions are like butts – everyone’s got one. And if you’ve got an opinion about the best moments in TV history, now is your chance to voice yours. The Emmy’s are coming up and the producers and the Television Academy came up with a fabulous idea to allow the people who watch to decide which moments are the greatest.

Craig Robinson Faces Drug Charges

Craig Robinson is facing felony drug charges. Did I just hear a collective, who? You might know who I’m talking about if I say that he’s on The Office, and he’s the manager of the warehouse. Yup, Darryl.

Lost Raises The Bar On Star Salary

When I was young, once school started, there was one thing that I eagerly waited for every year…Christmas. Well, I’m old now, and have kids, so I don’t get much for Christmas anymore. The thing I’m eagerly awaiting now is the new season of Lost. I must confess that I did not watch the first season. A friend got me hooked during the second season and I had to rely on Netflix for a catch-up session.

Michael and Michael Get A Show

Back in the Golden Days of MTV, there was this clever little sketch comedy show starring a bunch of goofballs. It was called The State and it was my favorite show on TV. Thanks to Comedy Central, two of my favorite comedians will be getting their own new show. Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter will be starring in Michael And Michael Have Issues.

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