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Extra, that extremely socially valuable celebrity news program, has decided to make some drastic hosting changes for the upcoming season. The familiar faces of Dayna Devon, and her co-host Mark McGrath will be replaced by one host - Slater from Saved By The Bell, I mean Mario Lopez.

Perez Hilton broke the story Monday morning, and it's since been verified by a story on Reuters . Not that I don't trust Perez Hilton, but Reuters might be a tad more reputable for information.

Mario Lopez has been a co-host in the past, and "A rep for the show says, "[Mario Lopez] has established himself as a highly engaging, likeable and sought-after host and personality."

Lest you worry about the pair that won't be sticking around, "Extra veteran Devon will stay on as a special correspondent and backup host. McGrath is leaving the show after a three-year stint to return to his music career. His band Sugar Ray is recording a new album, which will be documented by Extra.