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Someone Made A Justice League Trailer With Dogs, Watch It Now

Someone made a version of the Justice League trailer featuring dogs as the iconic DC heroes, and it's absolutely one of the most adorable things that you will see today.

Looks Like Justice League Is The Shortest DC Movie Yet

New reports about Justice League's possible runtime seem to suggest that the upcoming DC epic may actually be surprisingly short.

What Mindhunter's Jonathan Groff Thinks About Those Crazy Fan Theories

During a recent chat with the cast of Netflix's Mindhunter, Jonathan Groff explained to CinemaBlend how he feels about all of those fan theories about Holden Ford.

One Cool Aquaman Character Has Finally Been Revealed

Ahead of the release of Justice League, a cool DCEU character with ties to the Aquaman mythology has finally been revealed.

Geostorm Review

Too campy to be taken seriously, but too boring to be pure fun, Geostorm embodies the worst of both, and the result is a sometimes enjoyable (but mostly bland) disaster (movie).

What Star Wars: The Last Jedi’s Director Thinks Of The Poster Speculation

The most recent poster for The Last Jedi has caused a wave of speculation about the story for the next Star Wars film, and director Rian Johnson has officially opened up and addressed the fan theories.

Josh Brolin Responds To Deadpool 2 Stuntwoman’s Death

After the tragic death of a stuntwoman on the set of Deadpool 2, Cable actor Josh Brolin has opened up and addressed the incident.

The Girl In The Spider’s Web Has Added A Blade Runner 2049 Star

The next installment in the Millennium franchise has just added a Blade Runner 2049 villain, and we're incredibly excited about it.

Avengers 4 Has Added A Totally Unexpected Iron Man 3 Actor

Avengers 4 just took many of us off-guard by adding a totally unexpected member of Iron Man 3's ensemble to its cast.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Says Bill Clinton Is To Blame For The Last Action Hero's Failure

Last Action Hero is one of Arnold Schwarzenegger's biggest critical and commercial disappointments, and the Austrian action star seems to think that Bill Clinton is at least partially to blame.

Watch Aquaman And Mera Wash Ashore In Australian Set Video

It's a good thing Arthur Curry and Mera know how to swim, because a newly leaked video from the set of Aquaman shows the duo washing up onshore.

Tyler Perry's Boo 2! A Madea Halloween Review

Tyler Perry's Boo 2! A Madea Halloween is a plodding mess of a movie. Neither funny nor scary, its structural incoherency and lack of relatable characters make it nearly unwatchable.

Why David Fincher Doesn't Want To Direct A Star Wars Movie

Legendary director David Fincher recently opened up and explained why he has no interest in stepping behind the camera for an installment in the Star Wars universe.

The Powers Cyborg Will Have In Justice League

Ray Fisher recently laid out some of Cyborg's powers in Justice League, and it sounds like the young hero will have no shortage of badass abilities.

Only The Brave Review

Though somewhat uneven at times Joseph Kosinksi's Only the Brave is one of the most respectful and emotionally compelling true story films in recent memory.

Two Ways The Only The Brave Cast Built Camaraderie During Filming, According To Miles Teller

CinemaBlend recently sat down with Miles Teller to talk about his work on Only the Brave, and he laid out how the group of men portraying the Granite Mountain Hotshots built their noticeable sense of camaraderie.

One X-Men Actress Says Dark Phoenix Will Be Closer To The Comics

One member of the X-Men: Dark Phoenix cast recently opened up and admitted that the upcoming film would skew much closer to the source material than we had previously assumed.

The 12 Strong Trailer With Chris Hemsworth Is Harrowing And Action-Packed

The first official trailer for Chris Hemsworth's upcoming war film, 12 Strong, has officially debuted online, and it's an intense look at the early days of the war in Afghanistan.

Why 12 Strong Is A Perfect Jerry Bruckheimer Movie, According To Jerry Bruckheimer

Hollywood legend Jerry Bruckheimer explained why the Green Beret war story is a perfect Bruckheimer flick.

Anna Paquin Goes Full Bad Cop In First Trailer For Her New Show Bellevue

A new trailer for Anna Paquin's upcoming show, Bellevue, let's her kick some serious ass as the bad cop in town. Check it out!

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