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Den Of Thieves 2 Is Happening, Here’s What We Know

On the heels of Den of Thieves' surprise January success, it looks like a sequel is now officially on the way.

Sony's Spider-Man Spinoff Silver And Black Has Just Taken A Major Step Forward

It looks like Sony's Black Cat and Silver Sable team-up movie has just taken a major step forward behind the scenes.

Why Marvel Studios Spent So Much Money On Black Panther

Black Panther was an incredibly expensive project for Marvel Studios, but Kevin Feige recently opened up and explained why the studio was so comfortable investing so much money in the film.

New Incredibles 2 Poster Shouts Out Edna Mode

A new poster for Pixar's The Incredibles 2 has just hit the web, and it serves as a fantastic reminder of how much we love Edna Mode's knack for functional and fashionable superhero suits!

28 Months Later? Here's What Alex Garland Says

Will horror fans ever get a chance to see 28 Months Later? Here's what Alex Garland had to say about the long-awaited threequel.

Watch The Cool Musical Opening That Got Cut From Coco

The original, unused opening sequence for Pixar's Coco has officially dropped online. Check it out to see for yourself!

The Deleted Scenes That Are Actually On The Justice League Home Release

Justice League's digital release date has finally arrived, and these are the deleted scenes included in the film's debut.

Exclusive Justice League Clip Reminds Us That Aquman Is A Total Badass

A newly-released behind-the-scenes look at the making of Justice League serves as a reminder that Aquaman is a total badass and no laughing matter.

Wait, Is Michael Bay Actually Perfect For Lobo?

Michael Bay looks like a frontrunner to direct DC's Lobo movie, and it might actually be an absolutely perfect choice.

Artist Claims Black Panther Music Video Stole Her Work

With Black Panther set to hit theaters this weekend, an artist is now claiming that the film's "All the Stars" music video stole her work.

John Cena Goes All Eddie Murphy For Multiple Roles In Nickelodeon Video

A new promo for the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards has John Cena playing the entire Cena family, and it's equal parts weird and hilarious.

There's Apparently A Shape Of Water Dildo For Sale

Someone decided to make a dildo inspired by The Shape of Water's Amphibian Man, and you can actually buy one for yourself.

Could Aquaman Get His Famous Green And Orange Suit?

Could Aquaman's classic green and gold suit show up in the DC Extended Universe? Here's what we know.

The Story Behind Netflix Releasing Cloverfield Paradox After The Super Bowl

Wondering why The Cloverfield Paradox premiered the way that it did? Now it seems that J.J. Abrams finally has some answers for us.

Looks Like The Room’s Tommy Wiseau Wants A Role In The Joker Movie

It looks like The Room's Tommy Wiseau wants in on Todd Phillips' Joker movie, and we're incredibly intrigued.

Why Clark Gregg Wasn’t Included In The MCU 10 Year Class Photo

Marvel mainstay Clark Gregg has taken to social media to explain why he wasn't included in the Marvel Cinematic Universe class photo.

The One Actor Peter Rabbit Star James Corden Still Wants For His Show’s Filmography Segments

During a recent interview with CinemaBlend to discuss the release of Peter Rabbit, James Corden revealed the one movie star that he still wants to get for his show's filmography segment.

Why James Mangold Hates When Logan Is Called High-Octane

During a recent panel appearance, Logan director James Mangold opened up and addressed why he hates it when people refer to the film as "high-octane."

Masters Of The Universe Movie Has Lost Its Director

The upcoming Masters of the Universe adaptation has just hit a major setback with the loss of its director.

Why Peter Rabbit Is Deeper Than You Think, According To Elizabeth Debicki

Peter Rabbit star Elizabeth Debicki recently opened up to CinemaBlend and explained why the film has a far deeper message than a first glance would suggest.

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