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Cargo Review

Though it's as slow as the undead, Cargo is an effective horror-drama that takes a more cerebral approach to the zombie apocalypse.

The Hilarious Text Solo’s Paul Bettany Sent To Ron Howard To Get In The Movie

The hilarious text that Paul Bettany sent to Ron Howard in an attempt to get cast in Solo: A Star Wars Story is pure gold.

Wild Conspiracy Theory: Are Cable And Wade Wilson More Connected Than We Think?

Put on your tin foil hats, because we have a wild theory that suggests Cable and Wade Wilson could be far more connected that Deadpool 2 lets on.

James Gunn Says He Won't Be Changing Up Titles For Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3

Don't get your hopes up for James Gunn to change up his titling style when the third Guardians of the Galaxy movie rolls around.

Batman Almost Had Another Cool Weapon In Justice League

Justice League gives Batman an insane arsenal of weapons, but it looks like he almost had another cool tool at his disposal in the battle against Steppenwolf.

Ryan Reynolds Says Team Dropped The Ball On Naming The Movie Deadpool 2

Ahead of Deadpool 2's debut, Ryan Reynolds has spoken out and admitted that the Deadpool team dropped the ball naming the film.

Michael Keaton Looks Like He's Having The Best Time Reminding People He's Batman

Few Batman actors are more iconic or beloved than Michael Keaton, and the DC veteran recently decided to have some fun reminding people of his status as The Dark Knight.

Alden Ehrenreich Had A Super Weird Audition For Solo: A Star Wars Story

Alden Ehrenreich's audition for Solo: A Star Wars Story sounds incredibly weird. Here's what we know.

T'Challa Might Not Be Marvel's Only Black Panther

A Black Panther movie without T'Challa? It turns out that it may be more possible than you might think.

Zack Snyder Reveals Justice League's Alternate Mother Box History

Zack Snyder has officially revealed an alternate history for Justice League's Mother Box, and it's fascinating.

Where Was Nakia During Avengers: Infinity War? Here’s What Marvel Says

Wondering what the future holds for Nakia in the fallout of Avengers: Infinity War? Now it looks like we finally have some answers.

Watch Deadpool Crack Jokes About Ryan Reynolds On The Late Show

Deadpool took the stage of The Last Show with Stephen Colbert to absolutely rip into Ryan Reynolds, and it was glorious.

Why Captain Marvel Won’t Feel Like Marvel’s Other Origin Stories

Marvel producer Nate Moore recently opened up to CinemaBlend and explained how Captain Marvel will feel different from other MCU origin movies.

What Deadpool 2 Does That Infinity War Doesn't, And It's Not The R-Rating

Avengers: Infinity War is one of the biggest superhero movies of all time, but one Deadpool 2 insider thinks that the X-Men spinoff does something that the MCU blockbuster doesn't.

12 Marvel Characters Who Could Make Surprise Appearances In Avengers 4

Avengers 4 is going to be a huge affair, and these are the MCU side characters who could show up for some surprise appearances.

Zack Snyder Reveals Plans Behind Batman’s Knightmare In Batman V Superman

Zack Snyder's plan for Batman v Superman's Knightmare sequence has come to light.

Ryan Reynolds’ Final Opinion About The Wolverine And Deadpool Crossover

Ryan Reynolds has once again chimed in on the possibility of a Deadpool/Wolverine crossover.

Zac Efron For Nightwing? Here's What The Director Says

Nightwing director Chris McKay has officially addressed those Zac Efron casting rumors. Here's what he had to say.

Deadpool 2 Reviews Are In, Here’s What The Critics Think

Deadpool 2 reviews have finally started to hit the web. Here's what critics have to say about the film!

The Actor Who Plays Dopinder In Deadpool 2 Was Surprised At How Big His Role Is

Dopinder actor Karan Soni was surprised by how big his role in Deadpool 2 turned out to be. Here's what he had to say about it.

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