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Meet Jamie Dornan: 10 Facts About The Fifty Shades of Grey Star

Attention anyone who has read Fifty Shades of Grey: your highly anticipated film is just around the corner. In a cast of relatively unknown actors to most folks, the man playing the titular character Christian Grey is still a mystery to lots of fans of the novel. Ladies and gentlemen,meet Jamie Dornan

AIDS Could Be Cured By 2030

The most devastating illnesses are the ones that have no cure or limited treatment. Just this past year, my sister's best friend of over fifteen years passed away from catching a simple cold because of his advanced AIDS infection. Since the virus began spreading in humans, it has been a global epidemic with no end in sight. A recent study, however, hopes that in the not so distant future we as a species will finally put a stop to it

Humans Are The Reason Dogs Are Cute

Most of my friends have pets of some kind, whether it's a few fish or a whole menagerie with lizards, cats and of course, dogs. Now, not being a dog person doesn't mean that I still don't find pooches absolutely adorable. I just don't like cleaning up after them, or walking them. A recent study has discovered that it's no accident that we are drawn to canines and find them terribly cute.

Everything You Know About Sex Is Wrong

For most people, talking about sex is pretty weird. No one wants to hear the details of what their friends, family, and especially parents do in the bedroom. As far as I'm concerned, that whole story about finding me in a pumpkin patch is how my parents came to find me. But I can't help but love to learn more random information to shock my friends. And one awesome video on YouTube is talking about the dirty deed and breaking some common beliefs about sex that you have to know about.

This Fridge Only Gives You Beer When You Sing For It, Because Canada Day

Nothing like a chilled can or a frosty bottle when I'm relaxing and enjoying my time away from work. A recent Canada Day promotion from Molson, while promoting their heritage and product, might make it hard to get your thirst on if you have stage fright.

Activists Take Aim At Hawaiian Fisheries

As a kid, the only redeeming factor about going to my doctor or dentist was the ginormous fish tank full of colorful fish, coral and sea life. The fish we had at home weren't the exotic variety we saw when getting our teeth pulled, and some activists are concerned that those tropical sea creatures are falling victim to a dangerous business

Why Do Ice Cubes Crack In Your Drink?

I don't know how the weather has been where you live, but here in the Midwest it finally just turned summer time. It's been absolutely frigid almost all year and now it's hot and humid. Right now nothing sounds better than a glass of iced tea or lemonade when I'm out wandering around or catching the latest World Cup match. Have you ever wondered why your ice cubes crack and break in a cold glass of your favorite frosty beverage? One YouTube video attempts to explain the phenomenon.

Your Garden Is Probably Killing Bees

Where I grew up, gardening is pretty much a must do activity. Every spring my dad and I went to our local nursery to buy seeds and spent all the hot summer months tending to the plants, only to enjoy our harvest every fall. We even had a bee hive for fresh honey. Even though our garden was always insect friendly, a new study shows that one bug we think we are helping out may be dying off because of our gardening efforts

Watch This Dog Show A Little Girl How To Crawl

There are two things that everyone loves no matter what they try to tell you, and that's puppies and babies. Even as a cat person, I can't resist a cute young canine when they're doing something adorable, and human babies are equally as precious in a different way. So while I personally don't want any of either infant mammal, a recent YouTube video was too sweet to not share.

Stressing Out Can Damage Your Memory

Stress is probably one of the hardest emotional responses to deal with for many folks. It's no secret that stressing out can lead to some distress on the body and your emotional well-being, and a recent study reveals that it also has a very surprising effect on the way your brain functions.

Scientists Think There's An Ocean Beneath Our Feet

Discoveries in nature are probably one of the most exciting things to learn about for me. As a pretty hardcore science nerd with an even more hardcore group of science pals, I think I may know all the secrets of the universe. Or at least I thought I did, until I heard about this amazing new discovery that may lie under our feet.

Google Launches Program To Teach Girls Coding

Tech jobs are probably some of the most interesting and the folks who work on and with computers blow my mind with their skills. My girlfriend went to college for both game design and computer repair, and she has even written and created some awesome programs. Unfortunately, she is in a minority in the tech world as girls just don't seem to be able to break into the field. One major company is hoping to change that in the near future.

Millions Of Americans Are Now Diabetic

Diabetes runs in my family the same way blonde hair or being tall runs in other families. Nearly everyone on my dad's side of the family, all thirteen siblings and a zillion cousins, has it, including me and my father. It's no walk in the park, and your life and perspective on your health definitely changes when you get diagnosed. Unfortunately, a recent study shows that a surprising number of Americans are also suffering from the exact same ailment.

Alaska Installs Pregnancy Test Vending Machines

Going out and having a couple rounds with your friends at a bar is a great weekend activity. It's a chance to kick back, unwind and maybe sing a couple karaoke tunes completely off key and embarrass yourself, if you're into that sort of thing. Unfortunately, for some women, these boozy nights can have unexpected consequences if they later find out they're pregnant. So, one state is trying to do something about this in an extremely unique way.

Eating Protein May Prevent Strokes

If anyone in your family has ever had a stroke, you know it can be absolutely devastating to both the person who suffers from it and their caregivers. My grandmother and aunt both suffered massive strokes that left them basically incapable of taking care of themselves. It was very tragic and effected our entire family. And while no one wants to think about having one themselves, a new study shows one huge thing that may help prevent some people from having strokes in the first place

Watch Europe Get Pranked By An Invisible Driver

If you've ever worked in retail or fast food, you know pranksters are by far the most annoying customers that come in, other than those in a fit of rage that would make the Hulk look like a knitting granny. While sometimes silly antics can be irritating, they are always hilarious to watch when you're not at work. One jokester took his prank across the ocean to get some big laughs from is audience and bewilder folks working in service industries across the continent.

Pregnant Women Should Eat More Fish

Pregnancy should be a time of great joy and excitement for welcoming your new bundle of joy. I know for my sister, and other women, it was a time of constantly worrying about getting sick or eating the wrong foods that could have horrible side effects on their growing baby. New research is emerging, however, that flips the script on one popular food most pregnant gals and toddlers skip out on.

Thousands Of Chlamydia Cases Go Undiagnosed

Am I the only person who remembers those silly “Your Body is Changing” videos shown back in middle school? I remember sitting in a dark classroom with kids of my same gender and having intensely awkward conversations with elderly female teachers about “girl problems.” Sadly, the one thing I don't remember from schooling is talk of STDs or how to prevent them.

Rats Can Feel Regret Just Like You

According to the Christian Science Monitor, rats may experience the emotion of regret just like humans do. A research team at the University of Minnesota carried out an interesting experiment to capture the rodents' emotions. You know that feeling of regret, like when you've eaten too many burritos or maxed out your credit card buying a fancy blender on Amazon.

This Dog Loves Leaf Blowers More Than You Love Anything

I think it's universally accepted that some people are dog people, and some are cat people. From the first time I had to scoop a bag of dog poo at a dog park for a friend, I was reminded that I am most definitely a cat person. I will admit, however, that I have a soft spot for cute dogs and dogs doing silly things. A hilarious viral video of one silly puppy definitely got a few giggles out of me.

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