This Dog Loves Leaf Blowers More Than You Love Anything

Some people are dog people, and others are cat people. From the first time I had to scoop a bag of dog poo at a dog park for a friend, and I was reminded that I am most definitely a cat person. I will admit, however, that I have a soft spot for cute dogs and dogs doing silly things. A hilarious viral video of one silly puppy definitely got a few giggles out of me. So, God only knows how it will go over with dog lovers.

The video, found on YouTube , shows a playful dog named Jersey jumping, nipping and barking at her owner's leaf blower while they have it running. She seems as excited about that leaf blower as a tasty treat or a regular toy. I'm not sure what breed of dog this cute pup is, but she definitely seems like the type to believe she's bigger, and tougher, than she is. So I'm not surprised at all that she's going crazy for something she thinks is her toy. Doesn't everything you own really belong to your pets?

Then the video gets better. Jersey's owners decide to pick her up and let her feel the breeze from the leaf blower first hand. The wind blowing in her face does make her look decidedly terrifying, almost like a little monster. At first I was concerned that she was in pain, or didn't like the leaf blower after all, but she seemed to pull herself more toward the wind. It might remind her of that wind blowing through her fur feeling of hanging out of a car window that tiny dogs just don't get to experience very often.

Animals doing wacky tricks or silly things is nothing new to the internet. Sometimes the stunts range from incredibly cute to just stupid , but they always succeed at getting us to smile. I hope someday to get my cat to do something cute, silly or dumb enough to throw on the internet, but she mostly just naps and looks at me with a disapproving glare.

The above video is from YouTube. It features a Corgi puppy named Butterball trying to walk down the stairs. The pup whines and looks absolutely adorable the entire time while exploring the new adventure of the staircase. I definitely won't say I'm a dog person, ever, but this video makes me smile ear to ear.