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This Pilot Defies Physics And May Have A Death Wish

As a kid, my dad took me to air shows all the time. Nothing was quite as exciting as seeing pilots do awesome barrel rolls and high flying tricks. In fact, it lead me to want to pursue a career in the Air Force that never actually quite happened. It's a long story. But when I saw this kick ass video of a pilot doing incredible moves in a helicopter, my love for aerial acrobatics was reignited.

This amazing YouTube video from Red Bull shows pilot Chuck Aaron doing absolutely horrifying and awesome things while flying a helicopter. This literally defies the laws of physics, as a heavy, bulky and not super aerodynamic helicopter should not be able to do rolls and flips like this. Now, if he were in some kind of fighter jet, I would expect this level of badassery. It also seems like this could be a really good way to die if just one element goes even slightly wrong.

The entire time I watched this, I was certain he was going to go careening into the ground. The helicopter looks like it's about to tumble and crash but Aaron miraculously pulls it out of every flip with what seems like little effort. One moment that's an ultimate eff you to the laws of all science as we know it is when the pilot pours a bottle of water into a glass, does a roll, and none of the water spills. Afterward, he casually sips the water like it was no big thing. This makes me angry and I want to know what magic this man has learned.

This guy really knows his stuff and I can't even imagine what sort of training was required to become such a good pilot. I feel like he must be some kind of super hero. The view from inside the helicopter that Aaron saw as he was flying looks absolutely terrifying and that alone would detour me from ever flying. I hope that we see a lot more awesome videos from Chuck and the Red Bull team. At least next time I'll know what to expect and not send myself into an anxiety filled state.

If you're into ridiculous tricks with large motorized vehicles, check out the video below from the Hot Wheels YouTube channel. In the video, driver Tanner Foust breaks a world record for the longest jump in a four wheeled vehicle. I really want to go get myself a helicopter and giant tricked out Hot Wheels car now.