Attention anyone who has read Fifty Shades of Grey: the movie version is coming. In fact the trailer is already here. Who’s playing Christian Grey? Jamie Dornan.

Jamie Dornan, born May 1st, 1982, hails from the suburbs of Belfast, North Ireland. He grew up the grandson of |Methodist preachers, and his mother passed away when Jamie was only 16. After attending high school at Methodist College in Belfast, where he was not only an athlete but involved in acting, he went to Tesside University. After dropping out and trying a few things, Dornan found his way into the acting field and is really taking off.

But those facts are just statistics. Who is Dornan do Fifty Shades of Grey justice? Find out with these 10 amazing facts about future heartthrob Jamie Dornan.

Jamie Dornan
He Used To Be In a Band
Dornan was once part of a folk group called Sons of Jim. While the group may have split back in 2008, they enjoyed some pretty awesome successes in the past. In fact, they opened for singer KT Tunstall, you know the singer of that catchy tune, “Cherry Tree,” and other hits that were on rotation a few years back. Who knows how many current fans may have seen him years before he hit it big in film?

Jamie and fellow band mate David Alexander may not make music anymore, but a lot of their tunes live on on YouTube and across the web. If you're into folk, it's definitely worth a listen or two. Dornan's singing is actually not too shabby and I bet he could have hit it big in the music industry just like the film one. But I think his fans agree that they love seeing him on the silver screen

He Dated Kiera Knightely
Jamie used to date actress Kiera Knightely, probably best known for the Pirates of the Carribean movies and countless other hits. Judging from the photos, the two seemed happy when they were together. The former couple dated from 2003 to 2005 at the height of Knightely's swashbuckling days. This was his first real taste at fame and how the paparazzi treat celebrities on a daily basis.

In fact, in an interview with The Daily Telegraph , Jamie Dornan recounted how horrible the press were to the pair during their two year relationship. While the couple didn't last more than twenty four months, perhaps dealing with the press will help prepare him to star in a film whose book series has sold upwards of 90 million copies. There will definitely be some adoring “fans,” and photographers to dodge in the coming months.

Jamie Dornan
He’s A Former Underwear Model
Jamie Dornan isn't just an up and coming actor, he has strutted his stuff as an underwear model for years. The Irish beau modeled for comfy underwear an stylish clothes giant Calvin Kline. He also used to pose for Armani and Dior, making him a true high fashion model. There are a ton of photos on the internet of his modeling days, so fans have plenty of eye candy to feast on.

Interestingly, Dornan didn't even really enjoy modeling that much. Even though he's got a pretty killer body, he told E! Online that he still feels like the skinny kid he was back in high school. I think it's pretty clear to all his fans out there that he is definitely not a skinny, awkward teen anymore but a hunky guy they can't wait to see more of in the role of Christian Grey.

Jamie Dornan
His Big Break Was Marie Antoinette
In 2006, Jamie appeared in the Sofia Copolla film Marie Antoinette alongside Kirsten Dunst. The movie, which loosely follows the life of the French queen, has a pretty strong cult following in the nearly decade after it's release. Dornan played the role of Count Axel von Fersen , the French man Antoinette has a steamy affair with. The film definitely shows this affair in a pretty big way and got Dornan noticed.

Copolla must have seen his potential way back at the beginning to give him such an interesting role.

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