Watch This Dog Show A Little Girl How To Crawl

There are two things that everyone loves no matter what they try to tell you, and that's puppies and babies. Even as a cat person, I can't resist a cute young canine when they're doing something adorable, and human babies are equally as precious in a different way. So while I personally don't want any of either infant mammal, a recent YouTube video was too sweet to not share.

YouTube user Valerie-Stevens Scott posted the video of her daughter, who she calls Bear Bear, and her puppy Buddy. Right off the bat, the pair seem to be playing and having a great time together. It always amazes me how dogs, and cats too, tend to really take it easy with little ones and avoid hurting them, and Buddy plays gently and lets the baby try and pet him the best she can.

The video gets even more adorable as it continues on. Bear Bear it seems is struggling to get that whole crawling thing down pat. And we get it, that's a tough hurdle to cross. Her pal Buddy notices her struggling and wastes no time in assisting her with her mission. The pooch gets behind her and suddenly starts dragging himself across the floor, as if he's crawling. I have never seen a dog do anything like this before, and it's not only cute but shows how smart he is. Bear Bear watches in amazement as the puppy scoots out of frame on his tummy.

And while I know I give dogs a hard time, this particular canine is actually really smart and intuitive. I guess when they say man's best friend, they really mean someone you can learn and grow with. It's great to see this sweet little girl have a friend that she can grow up with and someday, teach him some cool stuff too. I hope Bear Bear gets her crawling mastered so she and her friend can get into even more fun adventures together.

And if one video of a baby learning to crawl from their four legged companion, check out another one above. In this video from BrandyPhotos on YouTube, a little tike named Isabel gets some crawling lessons from her French Bulldog named Sophie. Surprisingly, just like before the dog slithers across the floor to demonstrate crawling for the infant. If you've got a dog and a baby at home, you definitely should be trying this out. Just make sure your dog doesn't slobber all over your child.