Bill Maher Faces Backlash For Attacking Comic Book Culture After Stan Lee’s Death

Ouch. Bill Maher, did you learn nothing from Armie Hammer?

Legacies Stars Aren't Exactly Experts On Vampire Diaries And The Originals History

It's a good thing Legacies is set at a school, 'cause the stars have some learning to do. Some of them did know their history, though.

Grey's Anatomy Showrunner Defends Giving Meredith New Romances After Derek

One _Grey's _fan accused the showrunner of trying to erase Patrick Dempsey's legacy as Derek. So the boss responded. Ariana Grande jumped in, too.

How Legacies Pulled Off Those Crossovers With The Flash And Scream

Legacies just connected itself to fellow The CW show The Flash and the horror movie Scream. Julie Plec explained how it all came about.

Why Station 19's Midseason Finale Set Up That Crazy Cliffhanger

Station 19 Season 2 ended its winter finale on a literal hanging-off-a-cliff cliffhanger.

ABC Renews Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. For Season 7, Long Before Season 6 Airs
Billie Lourd Says American Horror Story Saved Her Life After Mom Carrie Fisher Died

Billie Lourd explains why she'd do anything for AHS's Ryan Murphy.

Should Meredith Pick DeLuca? Grey's Anatomy Star Makes His Case

It is a damn good time to be Meredith Grey. Her current options include DeLuca, Link, Koracick, Josh Radnor's blind date guy, Scott Speedman's Nick Marsh, and even intern Taryn!

How Gary Hart Reacted To Seeing Hugh Jackman Play Him In The Front Runner

If someone has to play you during one of the worst times of your life, you're doing well if it's Hugh Jackman.

Why Nick Fury Didn’t Call Captain Marvel Until Thanos' Infinity War Snap

If Captain Marvel could save the world, why did Nick Fury wait until he was half-snapped himself to contact her? Marvel Comics' Captain Marvel Prelude #1 just came out to connect some dots.

House Of Cards Erects Real-Life Claire Underwood Statue That Gives Away Major Spoiler

D'oh! Some people -- including a newly famous politician -- were not happy to see the statue before finishing the final season.

Vampire Diaries Alum Just Wants Alaric To Find Love On Legacies

Maybe Alaric will (finally) find lasting love with Emma on Legacies. But my pitch is for a Grey's Anatomy crossover so Ric can hook up with Meredith Grey. Hear me out!

The Gifted Paid Tribute To Stan Lee During Last Night's Episode

Stan Lee's impact is everywhere. He had a cameo at the start of The Gifted, and the show paid tribute to the Marvel Comics legend the day after his death.

The CW's 2019 Midseason Schedule Reveals New Debuts And Changes Nights For One Superhero

After the holiday break, so many new and returning CW shows will be stacking your 2019 calendar.

Marvel Stars And Filmmakers React To Stan Lee's Death

Beautiful tributes are pouring in across social media, especially from the Marvel stars and filmmakers who were lucky enough to work with Stan Lee.

Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Is Getting A Christmas Special, Watch The First Trailer
Sean Bean Thinks Only One Of His Game Of Thrones Kids Will Survive To The End
Is Parks and Rec's Li'l Sebastian Crossing Over To The Good Place?

Li'l Sebastian went to horsey heaven on NBC's Parks and Recreation, but now it looks like he might've made it to NBC's The Good Place.

Viggo Mortensen Apologizes For Using N-Word During Green Book Promotion

For his part, Mahershala Ali accepted his Green Book co-star's apology.

Tom Hiddleston's New Loki Series May Have Boosted His James Bond Chances

Tom Hiddleston may want to send the Disney+ crew a gift basket -- or make them all martinis.

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