CBS' Hawaii Five-0, Magnum P.I., And MacGyver Crossover May Really Happen

When will these three "Bellisarioverse" reboots collide?

One Walking Dead Star Thinks Character Was Killed Off Because Writers Ran Out Of Story
Zack Snyder's Response To Fans Wanting A Justice League Snyder Cut

You knew someone was going to ask about The Snyder Cut. In this case, they shouted about it. Here's how Zack Snyder reacted.

Ben Affleck Hopes To Direct His Next Film At The End Of 2019

The last feature he directed was Live by Night in 2016.

NCIS: Los Angeles Is Sending Kensi On A Dangerous Mission With WWE's Shane McMahon

Two WWE legends will be starring in the March 31 episode.

Shazam! Made More Money Than Aquaman In Preview Screenings
Us Box Office: Jordan Peele Horror Dethrones Captain Marvel In Massive Debut

Best opening for a live-action original film since Avatar. BOOM.

Josh Brolin Preps For Dune Filming With Intense Shirtless Photo

Denis Villeneuve's 2020 Dune movie has officially started filming.

About 80% Of Captain Marvel's Goose Shots Are CGI, VFX Boss Says

Carol's cat was mostly computer-generated, even beyond the Flerken fun.

Fuller House Cast's Awards Speech Appeared To Show Support For Lori Loughlin

"...they stand by their side no matter how tough it gets..."

Shazam! Reviews Are In, Here's What Critics Are Saying

DC's Shazam! opens April 5, and the reviews are now rolling in.

During Clueless Cast Reunion, Paul Rudd Finally Explained Why He Never Ages

Clueless came out 24 years ago. Paul Rudd is turning 50 in two weeks. How does he still look the same?!

John Wick's National Puppy Day Trailer Shoots Right To The Heart

National Puppy Day is basically a John Wick holiday.

The Walking Dead Season 9's Fair Episode Will Make You Cry, Norman Reedus Warns
Netflix's Unicorn Store Trailer Gives Brie Larson And Samuel L. Jackson A New Mission

Samuel L. Jackson is basically Willy Wonka here, and that sounds exactly right.

Last Man Standing Adds Toy Story 4 Joke To Tim Allen-Directed Episode
Will Legacies Season 2 Bring Back Penelope? Julie Plec Gives Heartbroken Fans Hope

Hopefully Penelope is just one of many beloved characters to appear in Season 2.

The Conners Renewed For Season 2 At ABC With More Episodes And Bigger Paydays
I Hope Game Of Thrones' New Dragon Poster Teases The End Of The Iron Throne

Break the throne. Break the wheel. Save the cheerlead - wait wrong show.

Grey's Anatomy Posted A Warning To Fans About Jo's 'Astounding' Mom Episode

Fans think the sensitive subject matter could be related to how Jo was conceived.

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