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Ross Marquand Reveals Which Walking Dead Characters He Really Misses On The Show

The Walking Dead Aaron holds baby Gracie with Rick Grimes AMC

The Walking Dead has deviated from Robert Kirkman's comic book so much at this point, the two are only connected through big picture framework. Season 10 is now filming for an October premiere on AMC, with the world very much changed after the massive time jump events of Season 9.

Ross Marquand plays Aaron, whom we met as a recruiter from Alexandria in The Walking Dead Season 5. Aaron is a character straight out of the comics, but his TV story has changed a bit over time as well. Marquand was recently on the podcast of new Walking Dead co-star Dan Fogler, who plays Luke, a member of Magna's group introduced in Season 9.

While Ross Marquand and Dan Fogler were talking about the show and the comics, Fogler revealed he had recently picked up the final issue of The Walking Dead comic. That very spoilery conversation led to Marquand wishing the AMC still had its two main Grimes characters:

Ross Marquand: See, I wish — I mean, obviously, the show deviates — I just wish that Rick and Carl were still around.Dan Fogler: I think everyone knows at this point, if you’re a fan of the show, and they’ve announced that there’s gonna be more -- movies with Rick. So you know he’s not really dead. But Carl, I think in the comic books Carl goes on to be...Ross Marquand: He's like the big leader.Dan Fogler: Yeah, the next hero, the next big savior of everything.

Yes, it was a shock to The Walking Dead fans -- and Carl Grimes actor Chandler Riggs himself -- to lose Carl in Season 8. That shock was followed by more shock and confusion when it was revealed that Andrew Lincoln would be leaving in Season 9. The Walking Dead without both Rick and Carl Grimes? Sheesh. Is that even The Walking Dead?

Not to get too spoilery on the comics, but both Rick and Carl are alive up until the final two issues. Then something very unexpected happens to one of them, and the other is forced to handle it.

Ross Marquand told Dan Fogler on Fogler's 4d Xperience podcast that he is a big fan of The Walking Dead comics and always compares them to the show. Marquand said he read the comics right up until Glenn died, then stopped 'cause he figured he was learning too much about what was to come. As an actor on the show, there's only so much he wanted to have in his head in advance. However, he added this note about former Walking Dead star Chandler Riggs:

I see Chandler every now and again and he still reads, and he's always like 'Oh, dude, you've got to read this latest issue, it's really good.'

Dan Fogler said he was just happy to see Luke survive The Walking Dead Season 9 since, in the comic book, Luke was one of the heads Alpha put on pikes. So now he has no idea what might be to come for Luke and that makes it exciting.

The Walking Dead is not done with Rick Grimes, since we know he'll be getting his AMC movies. The Walking Dead also plans to continue for a while, despite the comic book series now finished. The Walking Dead Season 10 should reveal its first trailer during San Diego Comic-Con, per tradition, with the premiere expected in October 2019. Here's everything we know so far about the 2019-2020 season.

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