Surprise, The Walking Dead Just Gave Beth Star Emily Kinney A Cool Moment

Beth Greene smiles actress Emily Kinney The Walking Dead AMC

She's baaaaack! Sort of. I came to love The Walking Dead's Beth Greene so color me moonshined that Season 10 found a cool way to kinda sorta bring star Emily Kinney back on the show.

Maggie's sister Beth died in the midseason finale of Season 5's deeply irritating hospital storyline. Since then, Emily Kinney returned as Beth for a voice cameo in Rick Grimes' hallucination in Walking Dead's "What Comes After" in 2018. She also had a main role on ABC's short-lived TV show Conviction and has a recurring role on the upcoming Netflix series Messiah.

But Walking Dead fans know Emily Kinney isn't just an actress, she's a singer-songwriter. And that's how The Walking Dead got her onto the show for Season 10, Episode 5, "What It Always Is," which aired November 3, 2019.

Emily Kinney's new song "The Turtle and the Monkey" played during the episode, but in a unique way -- she was not the one singing it this time, the singer was male. It's possible the singer was Ryan Hurst's Beta, one of the Whisperers, since it was previously revealed that Beta was a well-known singer before the zombie apocalypse.

Emily Kinney tweeted confirmation that it was her song, although not her voice, but don't look to her for more details about it:

Yep, was not me singing,...but I did write the song! But other than that, I know nothing! #nospoilers #twd

She also shared a link to her new single, this time with her own voice:

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Many fans of Emily Kinney's music recognized The Walking Dead easter egg right away, although more general fans of the show probably missed it. It was a cool way to reconnect Kinney with the AMC series while also potentially adding another easter egg for Beta.

Fear the Walking Dead already gave fans a little Beta easter egg, suggesting he was a famous musician before becoming one of the Whisperers. It was just one of the franchise's many changes from The Walking Dead comics. That musician tidbit was later confirmed on The Walking Dead and via CinemaBlend's interview with Alpha actress Samantha Morton.

Not sure if we'll ever see Beth Greene back on The Walking Dead via another hallucination, ghost cameo, flashback, etc. It's always possible, especially since Emily Kinney has clearly kept in touch with the AMC show -- even though she no longer watches it.

We do know Maggie Greene is finally coming back, and possibly sooner than we thought. In other shifts, Danai Gurira is leaving the show as Michonne but it's possible she'll connect with Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes in his movies, which will be coming to theaters.

The Walking Dead Season 10 continues Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC, and don't forget that another spinoff series is coming soon.

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