How ABC's Whiskey Cavalier Did In The Ratings

Lauren Cohan in Whiskey Cavalier

So far, so good for Whiskey Cavalier. Lauren Cohan and Scott Foley lead the charming spy drama, which debuted twice in its first week. The first time, it aired after the 2019 Oscars -- which sounds like a cushy gig, until you realize it actually premiered around midnight on Sunday. The pilot episode aired again in its Wednesday night 10 p.m. timeslot. Both times, it picked up about 4.1 million viewers for a total of 8.2 million viewers this week. Not too shabby!

ABC said the post-Oscars showing earned 4.1 million viewers and a 0.8 rating in the key 18-49 demo. (Deadline had reported the episode got 4.7 million viewers, so apparently it was adjusted down to 4.1 million if that's the number ABC is going with.) The Wednesday, February 27 repeat also earned 4.1 million and a 0.7 rating.

That was the best audience for ABC in the Wednesday 10 p.m. timeslot since September. It topped last week's Match Game finale by a lot (105% in total viewers and 75% in the ratings) and was also up from Designated Survivor's airing this time last year (11% in total viewers and 17% in the ratings).

It was a promising start for Whiskey Cavalier, but it's not going to get two showings a week from here on out. Usually, premieres and finales get the top viewers and ratings for a season, followed by a midseason finale and premiere, if a show has one. So we'll have to see how Whiskey Cavalier does from here, starting with next Wednesday's March 7 episode, "The Czech List."

Speaking of Czech, Lauren Cohan was just on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, talking about how they filmed the first season across six-and-a-half-months in Prague.

The Walking Dead fans may wonder what Whiskey Cavalier's strong start could mean for The Walking Dead Season 10. Lauren Cohan exited her role as Maggie Greene Rhee in Season 9, but the character is still alive. It was thought that she could return in Season 10, depending on how things went with Whiskey Cavalier. Even if this new ABC show is a success, it's possible the timing of the two shows' filming schedules could allow Lauren Cohan to at least film an episode or two of The Walking Dead.

If they did just finish filming Whiskey Cavalier in Prague, that's good timing for The Walking Dead, since the AMC show traditionally films in Georgia from early May to late November. So she could theoretically bring Maggie back into the storyline in early Season 10, if that's an option.

Lauren Cohan left The Walking Dead after some contract negotiations appeared to fall through. But she did show up for the pre-time jump section of Season 9, and she said Maggie's story isn't finished, so we should expect to see her again at some point.

The Walking Dead Season 9 is not doing so great in the ratings, compared to its triumphant years, but it earned 4.4 million viewers and a 1.7 rating opposite the Oscars this past Sunday, February 24 at 9 p.m. ET. That's low for Walking Dead, but as direct competition against the Oscars, it's probably the best it could hope for.

Meanwhile, Scott Foley seems to be right at home on Whiskey Cavalier. His former Scandal co-star Bellamy Young is appearing in an upcoming episode, and his wife Marika Dominczyk (most recently Dr. Eliza Minnick on Grey's Anatomy) will also have a recurring role. As long as we keep Tyra Banks from the set, he should be fine.

Whiskey Cavalier continues Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC as one of the many shows now airing in midseason 2019.

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