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One Friends Star Admits She Regrets Her Past Cosmetic Procedures

The transformation that one Friends star underwent after the final season wrapped up shocked many who had been used to seeing the actress' beauty progress naturally while playing her character in the NBC series.

The Real Reason Kylie Jenner's Boobs Look So Good Right Now Is Kind Of TMI

Kylie Jenner just posted a controversial cleavage pic and her reason for her seemingly larger boobs is more than we needed to know.

Bella Thorne Just Came Out As Bisexual

Bella Thorne replied to a fans tweet and confirmed what fans have been speculating for weeks, that she is in fact bisexual.

Scott Eastwood Reveals He Had A Girlfriend Who Died In A Horrific Car Accident

Suicide Squad's Scott Eastwood reveals for the first time how his girlfriend died in a tragic car accident, and how it has affected his dating life.

One Of The Duggars Is Pregnant Again, Naturally

It looks like the Duggar family will be extending their family once again in the upcoming months, as two 19 Kids and Counting stars have announced that they are pregnant!

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