One Friends Star Admits She Regrets Her Past Cosmetic Procedures

The transformation Courteney Cox underwent after the final season of Friends wrapped up shocked many who had been used to seeing the actress' beauty progress naturally while playing Monica Geller for over a decade. Well, she just revealed that her choices came with regret. In a recent episode of Running Wild With Bear Grylls, a reality show where well known adventurer and survivalist Bear Grylls takes celebrities out of their comfort zone, Courteney talked about what it was like aging in Hollywood and how it affected her decision to have some work done.

Via Time, when asked by Grylls if there was a lot of pressure to look a certain way as an actress as they traveled through Ireland, Cox answered flawlessly.

I think there's a pressure to maintain [your looks], not just because of fame, but just, you know, being a woman in this business. Getting older has not been...I don't think it's the easiest thing.

After her split from ex-husband David Arquette, Cox's appearance changed drastically as she seemed to have a slew of cosmetic procedures done including lip injections and Botox. Intended to keep her looking young, the procedures actually seemed to age the star. Cox recently wrapped up a comedy sitcom on TBS where she played a character who'd been divorced and is forced to deal with her unwanted aging process, usually by downing a bottle or two of red wine.

cougar town wine gif

Cougar Town allowed Cox to put a comedic spin on things she was going through in her own life, however her choice of cosmetic procedures seemed to really take a toll on her appearance.

Sometimes you find yourself trying, and then you look at a picture of yourself and go, 'Oh God.' Like, you look horrible... I have done things that I regret and luckily they're things that dissolve and go away. So, um, that's good, because it's not always been my best look.

Luckily Cox seems to recognize that these procedures aren't helping to improve her looks, and likely won't continue down the endless road of plastic surgery. Women have struggled for decades to keep up their appearance as they age, especially when a celebrity's work requires them to be in the public eye. As technology continues to advance, cosmetic procedures are becoming more and more accessible, creating a generation of augmented and botched women.

By Courteney coming out and admitting her regret, she provides young women with another perspective on cosmetic procedures. Not everyone comes out looking like Kylie Jenner. In fact, women are more likely to regret the procedure, and experience medical complications as a result of the work they have done. Cox's new motto is "Just let it be," one that we can all incorporate into our lives a bit more.