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IT Chapter Two Box Office: Pennywise Defeats Hustlers For A Second Weekend Victory
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Ouch, The Goldfinch Just Had One Of The Worst Openings Ever

Here's what went wrong, in a nutshell. Or a birdcage.

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IT Chapter Two Box Office: Pennywise Is Back, And Scares Up Some Big Numbers

The opening weekend numbers aren't quite as big as its predecessor, but still huge for September.

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The Rock Took Another Shot At Fast And Furious 'Candy Asses' Over Hobbs And Shaw Box Office

And his fans are now flooding Tyrese's comments with clownery. It's back to school time and it's clear we're all still in fourth grade.

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No Joke, Joker Is Now Tracking For A Record $100 Million Opening Weekend

The Joaquin Phoenix drama could laugh up some serious records in October.

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Will Avatar Get Another Re-Release Before Avatar 2 Comes Out?

Should Avatar play on the big screen again to reintroduce the film to a new audience -- the right way -- after 12 years?

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Why John Wick 3 Was Actually The Biggest Winner Of Summer 2019
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IT Chapter Two May Make Less Than We Thought Opening Weekend

The sequel may not float as well as we thought.

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Yes, Avengers: Endgame Is Still Making Big Money At The Box Office After Avatar Defeat
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Angel Has Fallen Box Office: Gerard Butler Is Number One Again With No New Competition
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John Wick 3, Toy Story 4, Midsommar Added Screens For Big Labor Day Boosts

Yeah, John Wick is STILL thinkin' he's back, baby.

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Maleficent: Mistress of Evil May Have A Much Lower Box Office Opening Than First Movie
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Hobbs And Shaw Is Now Hollywood's Biggest Non-Disney 2019 Movie ... But For How Long?

Disney/Marvel/Lucasfilm will own 2019. We get it. But what about everyone else? Hobbs & Shaw has some stiff competition coming up, including more from The Rock. Vote in this poll to name your non-Disney champion.

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Angel Has Fallen Box Office: The Threequel Surprises During A Mostly Slow Weekend

Given the way in which sequels have performed during summer 2019, expectations weren't exactly all that high for the opening weekend box office performance of Ric Roman Waugh's Angel Has Fallen.

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Good Boys Box Office: R-Rated Comedy Makes A Comeback As The Angry Birds Movie 2 Underperforms

It's been more than three years since an R-rated comedy was number one at the box office, but now that streak is dead.

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Hobbs And Shaw Just Set A New Record For The Fast And Furious Franchise
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Dark Phoenix Officially Ends Run As Lowest-Grossing X-Men Movie: Disney Marketing (Partly) To Blame?
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Spider-Man: Far From Home Dethrones A Bond Movie To Be Sony's Top Movie Ever

Spider-Man: Far From Home beats out a popular Bond film at the box office.

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Hobbs And Shaw Box Office: Scary Stories Is Good Competition, But Fast And Furious Holds The Top Spot

This past weekend was a major one for new releases, but Hobbs & Shaw held strong.

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The Lion King Just Dethroned Frozen As Highest-Grossing 'Animated' Movie Ever

Whether you accept the "photorealistic" computer-animated movie as animated or still see it as "live action," The Lion King is now #1 either way.

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