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The Lion King Already Passed A Box Office Milestone
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Spider-Man Box Office: Far From Home Easily Wins Its Second Weekend

Opening weekends might be what generate the most publicity, but the ultimate success or failure or a movie is typically determined by how well it holds. What's the appetite like after the diehards, who were always going to see it regardless of reviews or the plans of their friends, go see the movie in the first few days?

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Will The Lion King Still Hit $1 Billion After Disappointing Reviews?

Will The Lion King pull an Aladdin, a Dumbo, or a Beauty and the Beast when it comes to Disney remake box office?

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Last Chance? Avengers: Endgame Just Lost A Lot Of Theaters, And Lion King Is Coming

Will a Disney movie push out the Marvel movie before it can top Avatar?

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Spider-Man Box Office: Far From Home Breaks Records And Shatters Expectations

This has been a horrible summer for sequels, so this news is quite exciting.

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Dark Phoenix Set To End Run A Bigger Box Office Bomb Than Fantastic Four
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Toy Story Box Office: Woody Easily Fights Off Annabelle For Second Weekend Win

Toy Story 4 had another big weekend as Buzz and Woody can't stop, won't stop.

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Why Avengers: Endgame Still Might Not Top Avatar After Re-Release

Despite a wildly successful theatrical run and a strategically-timed re-release, Avengers: Endgame may not top Avatar at the box office.

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Aladdin Just Became The Highest-Grossing Movie Of Will Smith's Career: Watch His Reaction
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Avengers: Endgame Is Roughly $38 Million Behind Avatar Before Re-Release

Which Zoe Saldana movie will end the summer as #1?

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Aladdin Is Still Crushing And Just Passed Another Box Office Milestone

One of Aladdin's wishes must've been to keep quietly slaying the competition.

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Toy Story 4 Box Office: Buzz And Woody Can Still Draw A Crowd

Not surprisingly, Toy Story 4 crushed everything else this weekend, though there are still a few interesting takeaways.

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Toy Story 4 Is Actually Opening Below Estimates, And This May Explain Why

Opening weekend appears about $20 million under Disney's own projections of $140M - never mind talk of $160M or even $200M.

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Why Are So Many Major Franchise Movies Underperforming In 2019?
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Men In Black Box Office: International Gets The Number One Spot, But Still Disappoints

People apparently just didn't want to see movies this weekend.

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Avengers: Endgame Finally Exited Box Office Top 10 Over Father's Day Weekend
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Dark Phoenix Had The Biggest Second Week Drop Of Any Superhero Movie

But hey, this is good news for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice! It no longer owns that title.

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The Secret Life Of Pets 2: Animated Dogs And Cats Beat Out Dark Phoenix During Slow Weekend
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Whoa, What's With Brightburn's Huge Second Weekend Drop?

Are sequels still an option for this Team Gunn movie?

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How Rocketman's Box Office Opening Compares To Bohemian Rhapsody
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