The Plastics of Mean Girls are pretty evil, but they’re no match for Megan Fox in Jennifer’s Body. Guard your boyfriends, because thanks to Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, Jennifer Check is on the loose on DVD and Blu-ray December 29th.

Jennifer (Fox) is the ultimate groupie. When she drags her best friend Needy (Amanda Seyfried) to see the band Low Shoulder perform, she winds up leaving with lead singer Nikolai (Adam Brody) and his band mates. Turns out, playing music isn’t the only thing the boys of Low Shoulder are into. They’ve got a thing for Satan and use Jennifer as a sacrifice. Now, Jennifer is possessed and takes a liking to the flesh of her male classmates.

Jennifer’s Body is no Juno, but writer Diablo Cody still delivers a devilishly entertaining flick. If you’re a fan of Fox, Seyfried, or Cody’s witty writing, Jennifer’s Body is a good buy. The DVD only costs $29.98 but should be immediately refuted. There’s no way you’ll watch this film and not be craving additional material. Considering the DVD only comes with the extended version of the film and commentary with director Karyn Kusama and Cody, there’s no contest when choosing between the DVD and BD. Picking up the 2-disc Blu-ray version is well worth the price jump to $39.99. Check out all of the additional goodies:

Disc One
  • Theatrical Widescreen Feature Film
    • Audio Commentary with Director Karyn Kusama and Writer Diablo Cody
  • Extended Widescreen Version
    • Audio Commentary with Director Karyn Kusama
  • Deleted Scenes
    • Dead Boys
    • Jennifer Check Is Gross
    • Needy Confronts Jennifer
    • Who's Cindy Crawford?
    • Needy Faces The Band
    • Ass, Gas, or Grass...
  • Gag Reel
  • Jennifer's Body: The Dead Pool
  • Video Diaries
    • Megan Fox and Johnny Simmons
    • Amanda Seyfried
    • Diablo Cody
    • Dan Dubiecki
  • Megan Fox Is HOT
  • Megan Fox "Peer Pressure" PSA
  • Fox Movie Channel Presents "Life After Film School" With Writer Diablo Cody
Disc Two
  • Digital Copy of Jennifer's Body (Extended Version)

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