Denzel Washington has never been a man who chooses his roles extremely carefully, but he is a man with presence. In the past, this meant a movie with Denzel Washington had the chance to be wonderful, and was almost never bad. Standards falter and times change, and after a run of mediocre movies followed by one that was blatantly horrible (The Book of Eli), we’ve reached Washington’s newest DVD release, Unstoppable. Unfortunately, even with the hero of the newest Star Trek film on board for this one, you may not find much to pine over.

Unstoppable features not only Chris Pine and Denzel Washington, but a slew of other familiar names as well, including Rosario Dawson, Ethan Suplee, and Kevin Corrigan (always glad to see these three getting work). If you haven’t been privy to the glut of advertising and sheer ridicule running around the plot of the film, it’s about two heroes trying to stop a runaway train. And despite my feeble jokes at its expense, by all accounts Unstoppable isn’t a trainwreck at all.

The real crime is that you’ll have to wait another month to own the film. Unstoppable won’t be hitting DVD or Blu-Ray until February 15th. Luckily, when it does hit the market, it will include enough special features to quiet any grumblings. The DVD will feature commentary from director Tony Scott and a segment on the development of the script. The Blu-Ray will also contain these extras, as well as commentary from the cast, featurettes on stunt work and the anatomy of a scene, a digital disc, and a bit called “The Fastest Track: Unleashing Unstoppable.” There are so many flashy words in that last one, I feel I need to catch it.

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