With Smallville just a few weeks away from wrapping up its 10-year run, it was inevitable that we'd be getting some sort of complete series set sooner or later. Well, "sooner or later" turns out to mean "sometime this fall." TV Guide has the exclusive news about the set, which will pack every episode onto 62 freaking discs. Great Caesar's ghost!

That's good news for fans of Tom Welling's take on the young Kryptonian, but we're still lacking in a few important details. We don't know an exact release date, and while I can't imagine the collection will avoid the Blu-ray format, TVG's article only mentions DVD. We'll provide further details when we know them, but in the mean time the TVG folks do have details on some of the set's special features.
  • 90-minute series retrospective with new cast and crew interviews
  • Commemorative issue of the Daily Planet, created by DC Comics
  • 2010 Comic-Con International panel
  • Episode guide with production art (storyboards and sketches) and behind-the-scenes photos
  • Previously unseen Superboy pilot from 1961
Presumably the massive set will also include any previously released bonus features, but we'll have to wait until we get closer to the nebulous "fall" release to find out more. Here's the super trailer.

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