With the so-called Royal Wedding eating up the 24-hour news cycle in preparation for the event itself later this week, you're probably either 1) completely sick of all things British, or 2) reading this while wearing a souvenir "Will + Kate 4 Evar" t-shirt. Either way, let's come together and celebrate the good things the folks across the pond have given over the years, things more entertaining than one very rich and lucky person marrying another. Things like British comedies. To get you in the proper spirit, Amazon has declared this BBC Week, and today they've made The Vicar of Dibley their Gold Box Deal of the Day.

You can pick up the entire series in The Vicar of Dilbey: The Immaculate Collection, which Amazon has marked down 60% to $39.49. That will net you five discs of the classic show, as well as a few extras including a documentary and a featurette. Much of Vicar was written by Richard "Black Adder" Curtis, who went on to pen flicks such as Notting Hill, Love Actually, and Pirate Radio. The show is set in the quiet village of Dilbey, which is shocked to discover that its new vicar has lady parts.

If you want to add Vicar to your collection, you've got about ten hours left as I write this before the deal expires.

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