To say that Steven Spileberg's A.I.: Artificial Intelligence was a divisive film would be putting it mildly. Not surprising since the science fiction outing, based on Brian Aldiss's short story "Supertoys Last All Summer Long," found Spielberg taking the reins of a film that had long been a passion project of the late Stanley Kubrick. The final product was a visually impressive, occasionally touching mess of a film that culminated with an ending that left many viewers -- including yours truly -- more infuriated than enchanted.

Has time been kind to the 2001 film? We'll soon have a perfect chance to reevaluate Spielberg's futuristic Pinocchio story, because Paramount Home Entertainment has scheduled a Blu-ray release of the film for February 15th, 2011. In addition to a high-def print of the admittedly gorgeous film, A.I. on Blu-ray will sport 5.1 DTS-HD/5.1 Dolby Digital compatible sound and a ton of extras. Sadly, there doesn't appear to be an option to carve the final 20 minutes out of the film. Other than, you know, just turning it off early.

Bonus Features
  • Nine Featurettes
    • Creating A.I.
    • Acting A.I.
    • Designing A.I.
    • Lighting A.I.
    • A.I./FX
    • The Robots of A.I.
    • Special Visual Effects and Animation: ILM
    • The Sound of Music of A.I.
    • Steven Spielberg: Our Responsibility to Artificial Intelligence
  • Two Theatrical Trailers (HD)
  • A.I. Archives (Gallery)

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