Depp and Bale in a summer period gangster flick directed by Michael Mann: seemed like a sure thing, huh? For whatever reason, though, Public Enemies didn’t seem to connect with audiences the way you would have expected. Sure, it suffered from some pacing problems and sported one of Christian Bale’s two sub-par performances of 2009, but Depp was amazing as notorious folk hero and gangster John Dillinger. And even bad Michael Mann is still better than most.

If you missed out on it this past summer, you’ll be sure to want to give Public Enemies the once-over when it holds up the home-entertainment world next Tuesday, December 8th. To get you in the gangster mood, we’ve got four behind-the-scenes clips focusing on the intersections between movie and reality. Check ‘em out below, and if you want the full specs for the DVD and Blu-ray versions, click over to our earlier story.

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