Havoc Sequel Features Normal Adolescent Behavior

Let’s be honest. Havoc had one, and only one thing going for it: Anne Hathaway naked. The movie was a significant mark for Hathaway’s career, moving from Disney live-action princess to a more… um, adult actress, although the movie didn’t see a wide release in the States. The rumors point to Disney trying to protect its former young starlet, although that could be just as true as Fred Rodgers being a trained sniper.

Somehow, Anne Hathaway getting naked is enough for a sequel, although Hathaway isn’t returning for it. Instead the sequel, Normal Adolescent Behavior: Havoc 2, stars Joan of Arcadia’s Amber Tamblyn, along with Ashton Holmes (Boston Legal), Stephen Coletti (Laguna Beach), Hilarie Burton (One Tree Hill), and Daryl Sabara (the Spy Kids series). The story follows the teenagers who rebel from normal society by refusing to have a normal exclusive sexual relationship, featuring Tamblyn specifically as a confused teenager who struggles to choose between that abnormal relationship and a desire for her neighbor (Holmes). Although the DVD is “unrated,” there’s no word whether anyone actually gets naked in it.

I know, you’re thinking, “It’s a sequel to Havoc. Of course they get naked.” Well, don’t be so sure. Strike 1: it’s a direct to DVD sequel that features none of the original cast. Strike 2: It features predominantly television actors. And of course there’s that old argument that “unrated” doesn’t really mean anything other than it wasn’t submitted to the MPAA for a rating. A Mickey Mouse cartoon could be “unrated” and still have nothing graphic or sexual in it.

Besides the movie, the DVD also includes some deleted scenes, character profiles, and a making-of featurette. Normal Adolescent Behavior: Havoc 2 hits DVD on October 16th. Check out the artwork below.