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Johnny Knoxville Talks Jackass 3.5 Stunts, Crotch Rockets

We'd reported a while back that the Jackass doofuses would be padding out next week's Jackass 3 DVD with Jackass 3.5, a digital release that collects stunts and craziness that didn't make the cut into the theatrical release. Think of it as deleted scenes only with more broken bones. Now the folks over at Screenjunkies have caught up with Jackass front man Johnny Knoxville at a charity event and weaseled out some clues as to what stunts 3.5 will include.

What idiotic actions and life-threatening shenanigans can we look forward to? Well, one stunt will give new meaning to the term "crotch rocket."

Knoxville: "I can’t for the life of me think of what we named it but Ryan Dunn has a rocket attached to his crotch, and we ignite it and it goes on a line all the way up about, I don’t know, 70 feet away to Bam’s anus. Bam catches it with his anus, the penis rocket. That’s pretty artsy."

You can read the full interview with Knoxville, which at one point involves Steve-O and an alligator snapping turtle, right here.