LoveFilm sounds like a site where amateur filmmakers adapt cheesy romance novels for our viewing pleasure. It’s actually a UK-based rental site for games and movies with a film streaming component. Though already Netflix’s biggest competition in Europe, with over 1.6 customers, Lovefilm has steadily grown since Amazon bought the company in January, which makes it a pretty cool option for Europeans, sans its contrary company name.

Disney certainly doesn’t mind the name. According to The Guardian, Disney has joined such big name companies as Warner Bros., MGM, and Momentum to bring titles into U.K. homes. This not only means popular animated titles like the Toy Story franchise will now be available, it also means a bunch of films one wouldn’t even presume to be distributed by Disney, including the UK version of Dead Poets Society, will now be included as LoveFilm selections.

LoveFilm hasn’t yet made its way to the U.S., although Amazon did launch a similar Netflix rival in February. Who knows, though, if LoveFilm continues to grow, maybe one day it will prove a formidable U.S. opponent to the 20 million Americans down with Netflix. LoveFilm certainly offers a nice variety of packages to choose from.

Besides, as convenient as Netflix is, who wants to give them (mostly) a monopoly? “Not I,” said the cat. “Not I,” said the dog. “Not I,” said the pig.

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