For my tastes, Mirrors had a lot of good things going for it. Alexandre Aja has continually gotten better as a horror director in my eyes, culminating in one of the bloodiest kill scenes ever put on film in this movie. Add on top of that Kiefer “Jack Bauer” Sutherland as the film’s hero, and you’ve got a pretty promising flick. Of course, not everyone agrees with me, but that’s the joy of film, isn’t it?

Now Mirrors is headed for DVD and Blu-ray, with an announced January 13th release date. The release will include both the theatrical cut of the film, as well as an extended, unrated version. Even more intriguing is that the disc will include an alternate ending - particularly of interest to me because I found the movie’s non-traditional ending as one of it’s strengths. I’m curious to see what else had been considered.

Check out the announced bonus material below. We’ll bring cover art as soon as Fox releases it.

    DVD Disc Specs:
  • Extended Unrated cut of the film
  • Reflections: The Making of Mirrors featurette
  • Behind The Mirror featurette
  • Deleted Scenes (with optional commentary by director Alexandre Aja)
  • Inside The Mirror Alternate Ending

    Blu-ray Disc Specs:
    Includes all the above content plus the following BD Exclusive bonus features:
  • Anna Esseker Backstory featurette
  • BonusView Mode
    • Mirror Images: picture-in-picture commentary with director Alexandre Aja and co-writer/producer Gregory Levasseur
    • Picture-in-picture Scene to Storyboard comparison
  • Animated Storyboard Sequence
  • Digital Copy of the film for portable media players

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