Sophia Coppola’s somewhat anticipated film, Somewhere, failed to attain critical or box office fame. Somehow, it’s still getting a technologically advanced Blu-Ray release. The film, which will be released on April 19th, will also come in DVD and digital copy formats.

Because Somewhere did so poorly at the box office, in some ways it seems surprising that Universal Studios Home Entertainment would throw so much technology into the Blu-Ray release. The disc will come with the ever-popular BD-Live and Pocket Blu extras. The Blu-Ray will also come with an advanced remote control, a video timeline, a browse-title function, a bookmarking function called My Scenes, and a Uhear program that will allow audiences to instantly click back a few seconds and briefly turn on subtitles in order to review missed dialogue. We’ll just have to conclude these advancements are some side effects of Universal having their shit together. There’s no reason the studio should throw money into a film that didn’t make money.

Unfortunately, the DVD and digital copies don’t come with any of these fancy features. The only traditional extra to come with the DVD and Blu-Ray copies is a “making of” documentary with interviews from actor Stephen Dorff and Coppola herself. I guess, sometimes, we’re better off without bullshit gag reels and the like.

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