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With the Riders of Rohan expansion set to hit the free-to-play MMO world of Lord of the Rings Online this fall, developer Turbine has ramped up its promotional efforts with a series of behind the scenes videos, starting off with Episode One: Creating Rohan.

Turbine released a live-action teaser for LOTRO's latest expansion earlier this month and, with Creating Rohan, viewers are given a peek at what went into creating this ambitious trailer.

In LOTRO, players take on the role of a citizen of Middle Earth, battling goblins and taking part in epic adventures befitting the legendary book series the game is based on. Riders of Rohan will open up an entirely new area of the world map for players to quest in and, more importantly, introduce mounted combat to the fray.

And now that you've heard from the folks responsible for the Riders of Rohan trailer, why not take a look at the actual trailer itself?

Honestly, I'm playing with fire even writing about this. I got really into Lord of the Rings Online a couple of years ago and, every so often, I have a relapse. If I go missing for a few weeks, you'll know it's because Riders of Rohan has finally released and I'm probably somewhere on the open fields, riding down a band of thieving orcs.

Riders of Rohan is a premium expansion, so you'll have to fork over $39.99 to $69.99, depending on which digital version of the content you want. The core game, though, is free-to-play, so anyone can jump in and experience dozens of hours of content without spending a single penny. For more information on Lord of the Rings Online or the Rohan expansion, visit the LOTRO website.

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